Video: Who said BMW can’t be funny?!

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bmw ultimate service

Instead of directly selling to the consumer, BMW decided to create a new series of video commercials that highlight some of the benefits BMW owners …

Instead of directly selling to the consumer, BMW decided to create a new series of video commercials that highlight some of the benefits BMW owners get to enjoy after purchasing a new car. The two recently launched ads remind us that BMW is less conservative than in the past and not afraid to play with…sensitive subjects like bribes or sexual favors.

By combining humor with car service stereotypes, the Munich-based automaker creates some online buzz for their products and services, or as they call it, the “BMW Ultimate Service.”

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bmw ultimate service

Official Press Release

BMW of North America today debuted two new 30 second spots touting the automaker’s Ultimate Service policy, which features no-cost maintenance program coverage on all new BMWs for the first 50,000 miles or four years of ownership. The company’s no-cost maintenance program is unmatched in the premium vehicle category and highlighted in each of the spots by customers who do not believe a service advisor when told their maintenance is no cost and mistakenly think they are being given special treatment, leading to an awkward and humorous situation.

In the first spot, entitled “Married,” a woman is told that the work completed on her car was free of charge, which she misinterprets to mean that the representative is flirting with her. As she sheepishly explains that she is married, the representative clarifies that no cost maintenance program coverage is standard for all new BMW owners. The same misunderstanding occurs in the second spot, entitled “Tickets,” when a customer assumes he is being given special treatment and tries to repay the representative by casually slipping tickets to a sports event into his shirt pocket – which isn’t there – leading to an awkward moment.

“No-cost maintenance is a hallmark of BMW service and something that we alone offer among our top rivals,” said Dan Creed, Vice President, Marketing, BMW of North America. “These new spots give us the opportunity to tell that story in a fun and memorable way.”

Earlier this year, BMW released a series of six digital shorts to support the launch of the new 3 Series Sedan, which highlighted some of the new technologies featured in the car. While initially intended to run primarily online, the shorts were so well-received by BMW dealers that two were run regionally on television during Super Bowl XLVI. Building on that success, starting in June the company will introduce a new series of digital shorts focused on Ultimate Service. A second grouping will follow in July. These shorts, which will run primarily online and via social media channels, each begin with a sales representative explaining BMW’s Ultimate Service coverage to a skeptical customer who replies, “What are you going to tell me next…” with a different question and unexpected ending.

In one of the first new shorts, the customer replies, “What are you going to tell me next, that we’re in a commercial?” at which point, an unseen director yells “cut,” enters the scene and begins to critique the customer’s performance. In another, the customer replies “What are you going to tell me next, that my father-in-law likes me?” a moment before his father-in-law appears, compliments him and gives him an encouraging slap on the backside.

The new creative and digital shorts were created for BMW by KBS+, the automaker’s advertising agency of record.

BMW Ultimate Service consists of four parts – no-cost maintenance program coverage, four years of the BMW Assist Safety Plan, Unlimited-Mileage Roadside Assistance and a New Vehicle Limited Warranty. For mo