Rendering: BMW M1 based on i8 sportscar

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Will BMW ever build a new supercar? One of the most popular questions we have seen in the past few years and yet, no answer …

Will BMW ever build a new supercar? One of the most popular questions we have seen in the past few years and yet, no answer to this date. Sure, there were and will be plenty of rumors around a future M Supercar, either labelled M1 or M8, or even Mi8, but no one other than BMW has the key to that riddle.

To add even more fuel to the fire, German magazine AutoZeitung publishes a rendering of how an M1 supercar could look like in the future. The computer generated image of the M1 is based on the upcoming i8, BMW’s first hybrid sportscar with the performance of an M3 and the fuel economy of an hybrid.

Recently our own Shawn Molnar dove into the topic of supercars and what makes a car earn that title. Opposite Lock: BMW’s M6 – Can we call it a Supercar?

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In an interview published last year, Albert Biermann, head of product development at M, the performance division would like to develop its own car in the future. “From an engineering perspective we have the skills and we’d love to do it,” said Biermann to InsideLine. “We’ve discussed it several times but we’ve never been able to make the business case. Everything we do has to make money.”

Furthermore, Biermann said that M is ready to adapt to the development of alternative powertrains, such as electric vehicles. “Our job is to sell emotion and fun, using the technology that’s socially acceptable at the time. Whether that’s a combustion engine or an electric motor, we don’t care.”

As we mentioned in the past, there is still some chatter going on within the M division and we heard that the plan of building a new M supercar remains on the decision table.

So what do you think of the rendering below?

10 responses to “Rendering: BMW M1 based on i8 sportscar”

  1. Giorgi Gogua says:

    we want BMW supercar….

  2. its the best super car ever made…love love love……….

  3. mckillio says:

    Yes, please. Complete with a S74 V12 and optional X-Drive

  4. kolbasz says:

    ‘Everything we do has to make money’
    This sentence makes me wanna push my finger down my throat, and throw up.
    Financialy effective, but deeply disgusting idea.

    • xcore says:

      in fact, i like this one better, unlike gm which pretend to care while keeping giving their customer crap, i like this clear statement.

  5. La Ma says:

    INTERESTINGLY again… a non-BMW designed car that looks 1000times better then the highly paid at BMW design studio.
    I have seen many excellent renderings of the new 1 series, the new 3 series and then we are faced with lame ducks that comes out Gaylifornia … ahem.. California … studios.
    its time for BMW to look on the internet and get some ideas. This car for example looks a whole lot better then the final version of the i8. I like the i8 concept but the final car is so far from the concept, its missing the elements that made the concept awesome.
    This super-car needs the V8 TT engine with 600HP and the DCT transmission out of the M6 and a 125k+ price tag. if they build it with loads of carbon fiber (they should) then a 150+ price tag. It will sell like crazy.
    Too bad that it will play secondary replica to the beautiful R8 though. That car is even prettier then this and about the same price range what I suggested 125-150k usd.
    Also the R8 is getting ready for a freshening and that’s bad news for BMW.

  6. I’d honestly prefer a design closer to the M1 Homage

  7. viper says:

    yet another false rumor . they don’t have any plans for a supercar , not yet anyway.

  8. I hope they’ll release this project! :D

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