Ahead of London 2012, we look back at Olympic legend Steve Cram in Speed, Power and Endurance.

The video, directed by Asif Kapadia (Director of 2011 film Senna), combines the BMW DTM team with Olympic Runner and World Record holder Steve Cram. It features clips from the 1980s/90s ‘Golden Age’ of BMW Motorsport.The documentary also looks back at the golden era of British middle distance running and tells the story of how Steve Cram developed into one of the most successful British athletes of all time, breaking the world record for running 1 mile.

During this period BMW was also experiencing huge racing success with the BMW M3 becoming the most successful racing car of all time. The BMW M3 is set to return to racing this year in the 2012 DTM series.

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The film demonstrates how the BMW DTM team’s approach to car design and engineering mirrors an athlete’s methods of perfecting their skills. This provides a fascinating not only into how the BMW team prepared the 2012 BMW M3 for this year’s DTM series, but also how Steve Cram prepared for his various running feats.