F10 BMW M5 Crashes on the Autobahn

BMW M5 | April 20th, 2012 by 26
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An unfortunate crash on the Autobahn left behind a totaled F10 BMW M5 and two passengers severely injured. The M5 was flying at the 300 km/h, the driver lost control when trying to avoid another car that was coming onto the highway.

The M5 hit the divider between the two directions of travel, bounced off and flipped several times until it landed in the grass.

Despite the severity of this accident, the two occupants, a 60-year old driver and his 20 year old passenger are alive, but seriously injured. A dog was in the car as well, but reported to be alive as well.

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Judging by the photos below, the passengers are not just lucky, but they also serve as a testament that BMW continues to excel at safety and passenger protection in the case of a severe impact.

We wish the two M5 occupants speedy recovery.

[Source: m5post]