BMW Super Bild Of The Day – E39 M5

BMW M5, Featured Posts | April 16th, 2012 by 7

The E39 M5 is arguably one of the best mid size sporting sedans on the planet. Having owned a few for many years I can attest to its sheer capabilities both on the track as well as on long open highways. The best description of the M5 that comes to mind is “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”

First having won the hearts of BMW fans everywhere in October of 1999, it quickly rose to everyone’s want list. Even today, the E39 M5 is very sought after and becoming increasingly difficult to find in good shape.

Today’s Super Bild is of a Sterling Grey version sitting in front of a corporate building no doubt waiting for its executive to remove themselves from his or her corporate duties to take it out on the open road to stretch its legs.

E39 M5 655x436

Keep your images coming and leave your feedback in the comments section as to what you’d like to see. Here are some of the previous Super Bilds.

[Source: M5Board]