BMW Super Bild Of The Day

Interesting | April 14th, 2012 by 12
M3 csl 750x500

BMWBLOG launches a new daily feature: “BMW Super Bild Of The Day”

We believe it would be a great treat for our readers if we would not only provide the invaluable service of a daily Hi-Res wallpaper, but also involve our readers in picking which images they would like to see make it onto the front page.

So each day, BMWBLOG will place a Hi-Res image of a BMW doing what it does best, either on track, on the street, or simply looking cool. We would also like to solicit from our readers a few pictures they like as well. So please send us a Hi-Res photo of your favorite BMW doing its thing along with a few lines describing that image: Don’t forget to include your name so we can give you a hit tip.

M3 csl 655x429

I’ll get things started with an image of one of my favorite BMWs: M3 CSL which is arguably one of the best performance BMWs even by today’s standards. The M3 CSL is still able to loop the Nordschleife in 7:50 min.

Here in its natural environment on the Nurburgring and in a not so common color, Estoril Blue. No doubt a special order as most common for the CSL was the Silver Grey, although it also came in black.

So now that we’ve kicked things off, let’s keep it going. Send me your images and we’ll do our best to get them up.