The Verdict Is In

3 Series | April 4th, 2012 by 10

The verdict has been rendered. The new 328i comparison tests keep rolling in and BMW’s new F30 328i indeed reigns supreme. Though, admittedly we could be called fanboys sometimes here at BMWBLOG, the validation of BMW new 328i as segment leader from top car magazines reaffirms our assertion that BMW is one of the premiere automobile manufactures in the world.

All manufactures now have to deal with tougher CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) numbers. To address this, BMW has chosen to use turbo charging, direct injection, variable valve timing combined with smaller displacement. Others in the premium automotive market have chosen similar paths and now that these new power plants are out on the road, car magazines are starting up the comparison testing again.

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Car and Driver pits the BMW against expected rivals the Audi A4 2.0T Quattro, Mercedes-Benz C250 Sport, Infiniti G25 and the Volvo S60 T6 AWD. I love Car and Driver, they take a no holds barred approach to their comparison right out of the box: “Will it (the 328i) end up bloodied and in the butcher’s case? Or is it still an SOB you don’t want to mess with..?”

Car and Driver loved the balance and neutral behavior of the BMW and despite very tough competition it won. Car and Driver’s biggest beef with the new 328i is its low rolling resistance tires, noting in their testing that the 328i stops in a “full-size SUV like 191 feet” and C&D of course pointed out the electric steering as a weakness.

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Motor Trend takes a more inclusive approach and in addition to the five automobiles Car and Driver compare, add three more to the fight – the Buick Regal GS (Really??), the Lexus IS 250 and the Acura TSX V-6.

Motor Trend declares that the BMW 328i is “the epitome of a luxury sport sedan.” They further state that the 328i “cuts right through the heart of the sport sedan segment-the BMW was without question the most fun to drive.” They conclude with, “the new 328i is the ideal blend of engine, transmission and chassis” and that “the bar is raised yet again.”

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One argument that could be made on why the BMW won, was that it had the highest MSRP in both the comparison tests. However, Motor Trend takes criticism head on and points out that one could spec a 328i sport line for $41,095.

Anointing, a car king in a given market segment arguably can be tough and not universally agreed upon. However, with now a 4-0 record, let there be no doubt the new F30 3 series is the new king!