Road Test: G-Power M5 Hurricane RS Touring

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The folks over at GT Spirit bring us a test drive review of the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS Touring. The almighty touring is powered by …

The folks over at GT Spirit bring us a test drive review of the G-Power M5 Hurricane RS Touring. The almighty touring is powered by a G-POWER twin-supercharger engine with 750 hp/551 kW and 750Nm at 5,000rpm. But how does it handle itself on the road rather than the race track?

Let’s have a look.

“What G-Power likes to demonstrate with their high-speed versions of the M5 and M5 Touring is that the performance increase does not have to affect the usability or drivability of the car. When driving in town with the gearbox set to automatic you will not even notice the 750hp available under your right foot. The ride is smooth and everything feels comfortable like a normal BMW M5 Touring. But we haven’t come to Germany to check the practicality of the Hurricane RS Touring, we want to know what it can do when you push it.

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The G-Power headquarters is located in a rural area in Bavaria about an hour from Munich. The hilly surroundings, quiet roads and the famous unlimited German autobahn in close proximity provide the perfect location for our road test. Once you set the seven-speed SMG into manual mode, engage the first gear through the small flappy pedals behind the steering wheel and hit the throttle the car suddenly shows the G-Power character. 0-100km/h is done in 4.5 seconds, 9.7 seconds after setting off you pass 200km/h and if you keep your foot down it will cross 300km/h after just 26 seconds. At that moment you forget you are in an estate car that weighs over two tonnes.

Under full throttle the Hurricane RS Touring propels forward like a rocket, in the lower gears each hard acceleration is a test for grip of the rear tyres. Changing gear goes fast but feels more aggressive than the standard M5 due to the massive increase in power and torque. Driving over the twisty country roads in Southern Germany the brakes don’t fail to impress, they provide plenty of stopping power for the two-tonnes Hurricane RS Touring.”

Full review at GT Spirit

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5 responses to “Road Test: G-Power M5 Hurricane RS Touring”

  1. Mateo says:

    he he, i wonder what mpg you did. anyway – fantastic car, e60 m5 is epic!

  2. Anonymous says:

    0-200 km/h in 9.7 seconds? I say!

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