Robert Passaro, lead engineer for BMW Technology Office in Mountain View, CA, demos for TechCrunch the MOG music streaming app.

MOG is now available for BMW and MINI vehicles and it brings a music library containing 12 million songs.

MOG comes integrated with BMW Apps and can be controlled and operated through BMW’s iDrive system. MOG offers a $9.99 per month MOG Primo subscription plan, which provides subscribers with access to MOG for unlimited, on-demand listening access online at, through the MOG app on iPhone and Android phones.

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Here are some the capabilities of MOG:

  • On-demand streaming: Unlimited, ad-free listening to any artist, album, or song at any time from virtually anywhere.
  • Seamless integration: Easy to browse and search, play, re-play, or skip to your favorite songs using the existing BMW iDrive controller and steering wheel controls.
  • Storage: MOG will allow users to store their MOG music on their phone, enabling access to their favorite titles even when a data connection is not available.
  • MOG radio: Only MOG offers patent-pending “MOG Mobius” music discovery engine, which enables users to switch between true “artist only” radio or a full mix of similar artists.
  • Curated content: Users will have access to New Releases, Editor’s Picks, top Charts, Featured Playlists, and Custom Radio in addition to their own tagged songs from within the MOG music service.
  • Highest quality audio: MOG downloads music at 320kbps, which provides the highest quality listening experience.