FORZA Motorsport just released a sneak peak of the five BMW Design Challenge cars that will be included in the Limited Collector’s Edition of the game. Our friend and respectable rendering artist Jon Sibal was asked to participate in the design challenge.

Jon spent some time sketching various designs and the final piece was called “Mechanika“.

His design inspiration comes from Motorsport events where he spends extended time in the pit area observing how cars are prepped for the race.

Jon says that “some of the race cars would have their shell off exposing the beauty of the raw and organic shapes of the engine components as well as other mechanical parts typically hidden underneath the liveried skin.” Shortly after the race, the cars expose their “internals”. Jon decided to use the visuals and express them in artistic way.

FM4 LCE 4 655x368

“The mechanical and organic components were designed in a Giger-esque style underneath a disintegrating brushed aluminum shell. It has a lot of depth and tons of details with every piece digitally brushed and painted.”

As a sneak preview, Turn 10 released a screen shot of his design on a BMW E92 M3 as it appears in the video game.

Here’s a quote from FORZA MOTORSPORT:

First up we have automotive artist Jon Sibal, who’s best known for his incredible speculative renderings of upcoming cars, concept illustrations, and SEMA vehicle design. Jon took some time out of his busy schedule to work his magic on the 2008 BMW M3 in a piece entitled “Mechanika”—which looks exactly like it sounds. “Mechanika” drapes an industrial quilt of mechanical elements over the M3’s organic shapes in a way that perfectly captures the M3’s symbiosis of machine and driving passion.

FORZA Motorsport 4 LCE will be released on October 11th at US$79.99.

FM4 LCE 7 655x790

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