New spy photos of the 2012 BMW X6 facelift model emerge from Spartanburg, South Carolina. BMW continues to test the xDrive35i and 50i models which will be unveiled later this year. For the first time, spy photographer Palbay spotted the 35i model which based on the photos below will feature a different front fascia compared to the top model 50i.

As we mentioned in the past, the X6 facelift brings visual changes to headlights, new front and rear a pros, as well as LED-powered white corona rings for daytime running lights. At the end, the taillights will receive the now usual LED treatment.

2012 bmw x6 facelift 061 655x482

The kidneys get redesigned as well and now resemble the ones introduced on the new 6 Series. The grille gets a 3D aspect since the bars are not as flat as they used to be. In the front they are glossy and in the back, are matte.

The white X6 test mule shows the slats in the two new air intakes that provide additional aerodynamics.

2012 bmw x6 facelift 011 655x433

The biggest change with the 2012 BMW X6 comes from under the hood. BMW will introduce a new X6 model to the European market: BMW X6 xDrive50d. The new model is said to feature the long-time rumored tri-turbo diesel engine.

The Tri-Turbo diesel engine is said to like an inline six-cylinder with 3.0 liter displacement and three turbochargers. The power of this engine will peak around the 400 horsepower mark. The standard consumption is also reportedly lower than comparable diesel engines.

Other changes are also coming to the X6 facelift. The company will also revise the powerplants in the X6 xDrive30d, xDrive40d, xDrive35i and xDrive50i. All these models will receive updated units with more power and better fuel efficiency.

The US market will continue to offer the xDrive35i and 50i models, while the X6 ActiveHybrid is being phased out.

The second-generation BMW X6 will be built under the internal code F16 and will arrive in 2014.

[Photos: Palbay Spyshots ]