Vancouver Riots: BMW M5 Owner Tells Her Story

BMW M5 | September 11th, 2011 by 47
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During the August Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, Canada, a BMW owner saw her E60 M5 being vandalized and torched by rioters. Jazmin Perez says …

During the August Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, Canada, a BMW owner saw her E60 M5 being vandalized and torched by rioters. Jazmin Perez says she parked her BMW outside the Bay store in downtown Vancouver and by the time she finished shopping her car was burnt to silver metal.

Perez had insurance on the leased car, but it covered only the market value and not the replacement cost, therefore she still owes thousands of dollars in monthly lease payments.

To tell her story in more details, Perez joined M5board and shared with the world more details on her M5 saga.

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My name is Jazmin Perez. At approximately 4:30pm on June 16th, I purchased an iPhone 4 to replace the malfunctioning iPhone I previously owned. It was urgent that I replace my phone, both because of important and timely work related matters and the growing number of people downtown, so I parked my 2006 M5 BMW on the corner of Georgia and Seymour. When I exited Pacific Centre, I was surprised to see the extent of how vast the crowd had become. Individual people more closely resembled a synced body of water, and to drive my car home would have been like swimming against the current. I assumed it would be reasonable to wait till it was safer to remove my vehicle. In fact, I have had such positive experiences with the people of Vancouver that I don’t think twice on whether or not I can place my trust in fellow citizens when it comes to respect over private property (I have never been faced with an event even somewhat similar to a riot so I did not expect this situation to require any different of me). Never in my life have I had an object of mine so grossly vandalized.

As the hours passed I became more and more worried for the safety of my car but I was more concerned for my own safety if I were to leave my apartment. The few minutes I did see outside, beyond the remaining pieces of my lobby window were the horrors of alcohol combined with juvenile testosterone. There were drops of blood staggered among the cement, billows of smoke emanating from all possible directions, and the only gaps in the crowd were given to those who felt the need for violent puffery. My house guests and I collectively agreed to stay put.

It wasn’t until the crowd began to disperse that we apprehensively went to check on the state of my vehicle. The street was blocked off by several police however, we asked one of the officers to compare the licence plate and make of the cars parked on Seymour to my vehicle information. Then the officer returned only to ask questions about the tires my stomach churned. My mouth went dry and I could feel the back of my throat slowly constrict. I knew that my tires were the only identifiable part of my vehicle. I don’t remember much of the walk back to my building. My brain was like a long exposure photograph – racing. Within thirty minutes of returning home I called ICBC (insurance company)

Since the riots, it has been overwhelming to account for all the ways in which I was affected because all aspects of my life have been disturbed. Mentally, I have been hit the worst. For days following the event I did not leave the confinements of my 560 square ft. apartment. My younger sister’s University graduation was the afternoon of June 16th where she specifically requested all immediate family to be present. Unfortunately I missed that milestone in her life because I had no means of transportation. Two weeks after my sisters graduation was her wedding which I spent most of my time helping put together (again having to take time off work). This has been one of my major stress catalysts.

Financially, I have fallen backwards from my debt free lifestyle. Talking to and trying to reason with ICBC and my leasing company has been futile. According to them, not only do I not get a replacement car but I still have to pay $10,000 on a car I no longer have. There is no way I can continue to pay off my car. Morally, I cannot put $10,000 towards something that was taken from me.

I am asking for help because I cannot possibly sort this mess out on my own.”

Update: PayPal info removed. We are currently researching more details on this story