Dealership Employees get fired for joyride aboard BMW 1M

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pacific bmw test

With video recording technology at our finger tips, many people tend to make the wrong choices, and the following story follows the same path. Two …

With video recording technology at our finger tips, many people tend to make the wrong choices, and the following story follows the same path.

Two BMW employees from Pacific BMW in Glendale decided to “test drive” the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe. The ride was not your typical drive around the block, but rather a high-speed joyride through the residential streets of Glendale.

Proud of their “accomplishment”, one of the two employees in question posted a Youtube video of the joyride. Days later, major news outlets or TV stations picked up the story and started a river of articles on the web.

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Pacific BMW management stepped forward and fired the two offenders.

The concern remained whether there was any damage to the 1M due to the excessive speeding while in the break-in period. An M-vehicle comes from factory with a warning letter advising against excessive revving and speeding prior to 1,200 miles.

For NBC LA, a BMW dealership representative said the car’s computer has not shown any damages.

But the saga continues. The rightful owner of the vehicle is requesting a $10,000 refund for the incident, the same amount paid over the base price of the 1M. We are not in possession of all information, but in a post over at 1Addicts, the owner explains in detail about the involvement of lawyers and the next steps.

Warning: The video includes excessive cursing.

18 responses to “Dealership Employees get fired for joyride aboard BMW 1M”

  1. M3power says:

    Darwinism at work. Hint: If you want to do a joyride, don’t brag about it to the world!

    I have no sympathy for these morons, I bet the owner don’t appreciate having his new toy being driven like that.

  2. WheelNuts says:

    feel so sad for the car…

  3. Makes you wonder what the technicians do when you car goes in for a service & they have to road test it. My nephew went for work experience at a Land Rover Dealership a few years ago in UK-They went for a joy rides daily in the names of “testing.”

    • Al7oot says:

      I totally agree with you… I faced the same problem with my bmw 7 when I dropped to the “D’stealer for the service…. As they claim “TESTING the car”.

  4. Babken says:

    Their place is in the kindergarten.

  5. Forget the test drive what about the crappy camera work

  6. Toddabarker says:

    What kind of DUMBASS pays over MSRP, let alone $10,000.00 over for a car.
    Sounds like vain stupidity.

    • Toddabarkerisdumb says:

      You’re a dumbass … There are only 2700 in the world, ever heard of something being rare and therefore more expensive ?? Some 1m sell for 40k over MSRP

  7. George says:

    ok, couple of notes here:

    1- Wrong things:
    -“Test” driving a car which has been sold to a customer- upon a car being confirmed sold, all the dealership needs to do is cleanup the car, prep it for delivery and ensure all listed accessories are as per customer’s requirements- if any. Why are you abusing someon’e car- outmost disrespect to the customer
    – Do not speed on residential areas- against the law
    -brag about doing the wrong thing
    – Dealership’s management failing to train, educate, and manage the employees.  If it wasnt for the video leaking and creating a fuss- those two individuals would still be working there

    2- Devil’s advocate:
    – Technically speaking, there is no mechanical evidence of car abuse- i.e you can not tell if the car exceeded the 5000rpm breakin limit, or so. An ECU “forensic”, or log review would reveal such, and if it doesn’t show that, the owner will not be able to justify the 10k over MSRP he wants back.

    The actual cause of this incident is bad management from the dealer’s side- period.

  8. Luke Panousopoulos says:

    Oh wow – people are still paying “over sticker prices” in this economy  – amazing!  In any case, this dealership should pay this genius back his 10K and throw in some extras free of charge hands down!  As far as the “break in” period of these cars, I would sincerley hope that one joy ride would not do any harm to a well engineered car like a BMW – the money should be given back because the perception which is not always the reality, is that  – hey, I paid top dollar for this product, and it’s being abused – really not acceptable!  BMW NA – should also put this dealership on notice for creating this type of negative perception of the brand.

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