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This falls under the category “What If.” First rumor around a BMW X1 M appeared earlier this year when the usual BMW insider Scott27 reported …

This falls under the category “What If.” First rumor around a BMW X1 M appeared earlier this year when the usual BMW insider Scott27 reported on a possible M version of the popular X1 Sports Activity Vehicle.

Here is the previous report:

The BMW X1 is currently Europe’s best selling SAV. Customers are still on waiting lists and US customers have to wait until 2012 because of the demand for the X1 in Europe. BMW launched the X1 in Europe in November 2009. BMW are rapidly approaching the 200,000 units of X1 which goes to show the popularity of the new car.

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An M variant of the X1 has always been considered when and if the car’s establishment period (which is two years from market launch) has borne success. Now that the car has been established BMW are moving forward not only on the X1M but also the next generation of BMW X1.

The X1M will be a short production model of around two years but is expected to be the trailblazer for the successor to the BMW 1er M coupe. The BMW M2.

Now that the plaudits and enthusiasts have nothing but great things to say about the 1M Coupe – The next generation has been given more time and more budget where the jury is still out whether the M2 can recapture that essence of the 1M with more money and time behind it?

Like the BMW X3M and the next M3, X1M will be the foundation for the next M2 which as the M3 will be resorting to six cylinders. The BMW M2 moves down to four cylinders but will still be the most powerful engine ahead of the 135i/235i.

The X1 has been tested with the N54 found within the 1M, but with emission legislations in some countries bringing it’s lifecycle to a close , BMW M have been working on the latest BMW twin-power turbo four-cylinder which has been tested in a X1.

Senior BMW executives drove an X1 prototype in an old Vermillion Red and Marakesh Brown press car, but heavily modified. The lower part of the front aerodynamic package was removed , the track was wider, and at the rear stood two large exhausts. Inside, the fairly standard interior had no decorative transmission tunnel – The shifter was there but you could see the inner workings of the transmission. The four cylinder is in experimental stage and has a slightly higher output of the 1M and about as exact as the E46 M3. (343BHP). Again BMW are holding back on power mainly for the reasons of affordability and of course M2 will be the entry BMW M model but there will be opportunity to progress the car further.

In terms of design of the X1M,only sketches are available but the X1′s notably apparent side sculptureallows great inspiration for the design team. The wheelarches at the front bulge out in a similair fashion to how BMW achieved the front end look for the 1M. The back also follows the same idea it gives a more pumped up look and adds scope to the wheel arches.

The areodynamics packet takes it’s ideas from the 1M especially at the front , although not entirely in-your-face aggressive but, recognisable as an M.”

The rendering seems to be based on the above speculations and it features some of the M parts seen on the 1M (air curtain) and new M5 (wheels).

At this moment no other BMW source confirmed the X1 M plans, but we will update you as we learn more.

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