Video: How to steal jewelery in 10 steps

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No, we’re not teaching you how to steal a car, the title of the article comes from BMW’s latest video advertisement featuring the new BMW …

No, we’re not teaching you how to steal a car, the title of the article comes from BMW’s latest video advertisement featuring the new BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept.

With an interesting plot and characters, the Munich-based automaker describes the most important features found in the latest concept.

Vision ConnectedDrive was unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show and according to BMW the car’s design has been somewhat “downplayed” since the company wanted the attention to fall on the technology rather than the futuristic design lines.

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The new concept is meant to showcase future technologies and advancements in the mobility field. The design and technology of this spectacular roadster are aimed at making the vehicle an integral part of a networked world.

Starting with the advanced Head-Up Display that uses technology to project in 3D essential information. Next we have the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Infotainment system which is based primarily on location-based information. Only information on the surroundings falling within a certain, predefined radius is shown. The filter features allow the information available to be filtered by content and to be displayed as a specific selection and even personalized. These filter settings can be made in the comfort of your own home or can be carried out spontaneously in the vehicle. Individually tailored information is thus obtained from raw data. The filters work semantically, ordering information not just by keyword but also by the meanings associated with that keyword.

Location-based services enable the information available to be used to create a digital tour of the city or to book a ticket, complete with the appropriate entry in the digital calendar, or even find a jewelry store.

Let’s have a look…

6 responses to “Video: How to steal jewelery in 10 steps”

  1. Hugo Becker says:

    OK – was wondering what the angle was (or how the real ‘pearls’ would be returned to the jeweler) and the business card was an interesting play – the name on the card was Sam Brown. London. Of course there’s a Sam Brown familiar to the English (Samantha Brown) as a singer. And then for us old guys, there’s Sam Browne as in the Sam Browne belt, as much a part of a highway patrolman’s uniform as a Smokey bear hat. ;-)

    So BMW spends a couple of minutes and walks us through the abilities of connected drive. We’ll have an article on it’s more mundane aspects (read ‘useful’ ;-) in the very near future.

  2. La Ma says:

    nice car, classy lady, good background.   story ? lame-o but who cares. I just wish the BMW car ad would tell us something about a car, not the infotainment system and smartphone integration and other BS.
    who cars about this when you buy a CAR ? When you buy a transportation vehicle aka Buick, Hyundai, Nissan, toyota, etc. it might be needed, but on a car like THIS ?

    This is by far the most interesting and awesome design from BMW in a very long time. Good thing bungle left, he would have messed this design up too.

    I wish I could create a body kit like this and pull it over an E46 Competition package :-) that would be a dream car !

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