New Rumor & Rendering: BMW 1 Series Compactive Sport Tourer FWD

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The usual BMW insider, Scott27, returns with new information on the future front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series Compactive Sport Tourer. As we first revealed in …

The usual BMW insider, Scott27, returns with new information on the future front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series Compactive Sport Tourer. As we first revealed in 2010, the BMW Compactive Sport Tourer is a flexible Sports Concept for four or five passengers. Some sources describe the car as being a coupe-looking compact hatchback, but running on BMW’s upcoming front-wheel drive platform.

Here is the report by the BMW insider (grammar corrections by BMWBLOG):

“As part of a strategy to increase its presence in the small city /UKL segment, BMW has instigated a modular architecture that will underpin a series of new premium city models, both to wear MINI and, for the first time, BMW badges.

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The first two examples, the MINI Traveller and BMW 1er Compactive Sport Tourer, will showcase that it is not just “badge engineering,” there is more to these two concepts than just flipping a coin.

The BMW 1er Compactive Sport Tourer

This is what you see in the current wave of spy photographs around Munich. Although the BMW does not look like much in the scoop photographs, it is fulfilling the intention of the camouflage which is to keep it simplistic and boring.

Autobild were asked (politely) to remove the Compactive Sport Tourer rendering (as shown above) because it was too close to the final car. Although, I [Scott27] have added more prominent, unseen features to the rendering. Since this is a 1er model, it will continue the new generation 1er bloodline. So I have (poorly and quickly) rendered the car’s distinctive family headlights shape which continues that “arrow shape at the inner edges giving a more sportier and pronounced appearance. Since BMW will offer “premium luxury” features in this segment and indeed on this car, the LED option also shows how the top section which forms a lid over the twin double headlamps extends from the top and continues underneath the headlights. In the 6er for example, this changes the inner shape of the lights and will do the same for the Compactive Sport Tourer.

One aspect evident in the spy photos is the obvious attempt to square off the rear of the car where it is more rounded and dynamic over the rear section. This allows the glasshouse to extend upwards and become more “kicked-up,” giving [the car] a more sportier profile without a huge expanse of glass. The” Hoffmeister Kink is prominent at each side of the glasshouse, strong at the rear and although not as dynamic as the render, the smaller quarterlight ahead of the mirrors at the A-pillar retains the Hoffmeister theme as well.

Under the camouflage there are equally strong surfaces, bringing the more three-dimensional “bloodline” from the F20 and allowing the car to illustrate some mass. A diagonal character line runs from the rear allowing expanded wheel arches both front and rear. A more delicate surface treatment stretches along the lower flanks of the car.

The rear continues the typical BMW L-shape character; the look is similar in form to the BMW X1.

The interior uses similar form and function as the 1er, but the advantages are clearer in the rear, where with the removal of the transmission tunnel BMW has an advantage on rear passenger space in both head and legroom.

The BMW Compactive Sport Tourer is designed to be the more sportier offering of the new twins and will not only share the N20 [engine] family, but also the three-cylinder N37 family in its entry level offerings. The BMW Compactive Sport Tourer will be one of five BMW FWD models, and one part of the 10 planned new MINI’s from the shared platform strategy.

The BMW FWD UKL Family:

BMW 1er CITY compact
BMW 1er Compactive Sport Tourer
BMW 1er Family Activity Sport Tourer (FAST)
BMW 1er Gran Turismo
BMW 1er Roadster

As always, BMWBLOG’s advice is to take these information with a grain of salt, but without a doubt, BMW FWD vehicles are coming to market in the next few years.