InsideLine Comparison Test: Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs. BMW 1M

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An unusual, bold car comparison comes from InsideLine. The US magazine decided to compare the new BMW 1M against the Dodge Challenger SRT8. As they …

An unusual, bold car comparison comes from InsideLine. The US magazine decided to compare the new BMW 1M against the Dodge Challenger SRT8. As they point at the beginning of the article, the report not meant to be an apple to apple comparison, but rather a choice between two cars offered at a similar price.

The American muscle comes powered by a 6.4 liter naturally aspirated V8 producing 470 hp and 470 pound-feet of torque. BMW 1M runs with a 3.0 liter six-cylinder twin-turbo engine producing 335 horsepower.

Let’s have a look a quick look, followed by the full article.

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“So it has a 135-hp advantage over the 1M, but the Challenger also weighs 4,257 pounds. No surprise then that it produces remarkably similar numbers at the drag strip: 4.7 seconds to 60 (4.4 seconds with rollout) and 12.9 seconds to the 1,320-foot mark with a trap speed of 111.0 mph. Wheelspin, unsurprisingly, is a problem when trying to twist 255/45ZR20 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires. So is wheel hop.

Traditionally when running the canyons of Southern California the faster car is the one with the faster driver. That theory doesn’t apply here. Put your mom in the 1 Series M Coupe and she’ll be at the lookout on Mulholland so far ahead of you and the Challenger that she’ll have time for tea and her arthritis medicine. With M Dynamic Mode enabled, wheelspin and slip angle are expertly controlled, and driving fast — insanely, stupid fast — is an exercise in precision only available in a carefully metered instrument like an M car.

Its size and power mean the M Coupe is built for carving corners and shaving apexes while the larger, heavier Challenger fishtails heroically a quarter-mile behind. But hey, powerslides are fun. Really fun.

A casual conversation between editors sealed its fate:

“You should drive the M Coupe before it goes away. It’s good. Really good.”

“I’ve got meetings all day and something for the kid tonight. Will I have any fun driving it home? I don’t have time for Mulholland.”

“Nah. Unless you drive it hard on the right road it’s no different than a 135.”

“OK, I’ll take the Challenger.”

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392
0 – 60 (sec) 4.5 (4.3 with rollout) 4.7 (4.4 with rollout)
1/4-mile (sec @ mph) 12.9 @ 107.7 12.9 @ 111.0
Skid pad (lateral g) 0.96 0.91
Slalom (mph) 71.3 66.6
Braking 60-0 (ft) 103 106
Curb weight, as tested (lb) 3,346 4,257

Full article at InsideLine

10 responses to “InsideLine Comparison Test: Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs. BMW 1M”

  1. Manny Antunes says:

    Strange pairing but it works…

  2. R.T. Elkin says:

     This was the lamest article I’ve read in Inside Line in some time.  1) the M is better in every way; 2) the Challenger is even blatantly INadequate here & there….3) so we’ll take the Challenger. 

    If that story’s writer isn’t on Dodge’s payroll, I don’t know who is.

  3. La Ma says:

    The sad thing is the Mustang Boss would spank both for less money. Yep, its that good. It spanked the M3 on every level except build quality.
    Ford can build a good car now, but it still looks like something out of the 80’s plastic era.  cheap inside but man, that Boss 302 can run.  The regular GT with its 32k price tag is a seriously good car but not quite as fast as the M3. Enter the Boss treatment and its beating most cars under 75k price tag. 

  4. Frdnan says:

    Thanks for posting this! Due to my timing for purchase and the current mark up for the 1m I really had to seek other options for a car that I would enjoy as an enthusiast for my commute and to be able to take my kids for a drive in. I really began to think of the dodge as an option and really began to wonder how it stacks up. This was the perfect article for me. Cheers!

  5. Giom says:

    Yea, one of those pre-decided conclusions… The comments below (the article) were quite funny!

  6. LexusLVR says:

    Sad how the 1M has to be compared to crappy cars in order to even look marginally capable of “performance”. Throw in a Lexus IS350 (not even an IS-F) and both cars will look outclassed.

  7. Ambersstar1 says:

    whats the cost difference? double??? ill sacrifice a little less road handling or fit and finish,and buy a challenger and a mustang gt 2 muscle cars, for the cost of 1 BMW

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