BMW M3 DTM Car Caught Testing

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We’re only a week away from BMW Motorsport revealing the 2012 M3 DTM car that will battle it out with the likes of Audi and …

We’re only a week away from BMW Motorsport revealing the 2012 M3 DTM car that will battle it out with the likes of Audi and Mercedes-Benz next year. The 2012 re-entry of the M3 into the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters(German Touring Cars) marks the first time in 20 years that a factory-backed BMW has laid rubber to road in the series.

For those unaware, DTM, in it’s original format, was where the legendary original M3, the E30, cut its teeth by decimating the likes of Mercedes 190E Cosworths, Alfa Romeos and Opels. After many victories and successes, thanks to incredible pairings with drivers like Roberto Ravaglia) in DTM, BMW ultimately decided to bow out of the series due to increasing costs and to focus on larger scale motorsport programs like the European World Touring Car Championship and, eventually, a re-entry into Formula One.

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Two decades on, the tables have turned. BMW has withdrawn from Formula One all together and pulled its factory 320Si’s from the World Touring Car Championship( successor to the European Touring Car Championship) to refocus BMW Motorsport’s attention around the M3 and related programs. As such, BMW will bring the E92 M3  back to the new iteration of DTM which promises to refocus series regulations on technologies and performance more akin to series cars’ road-going equivalents.

Starting next season, BMW will find itself going wheel-to-wheel with the Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C Class, both of whom have occupied the series for some years now almost exclusively, all powered by massaged V8’s and rear-wheel-drive.  The series itself is working towards a more international platform with negotiations underway of bringing a DTM season to a number of U.S.-based road courses and partnering with series’ like NASCAR and Grand AM to find a wider audience.

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The picture featured in this article shows that the M3 DTM car looks very unique relative to its sister GT car competing in the ILC and American Le Mans Series – as noted by the substantial aerodynamic aids, low slung suspension, and frighteningly blistered wide body. However, our understanding is that the M3 DTM car will share an engine similar to that of the 4.0L V8 powering the ALMS M3 GT.

Watch this space for more in the next week as BMW officially pulls the wraps off of the 2012 M3 DTM car!

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12 responses to “BMW M3 DTM Car Caught Testing”

  1. La Ma says:

    too bad its going to be a short lived car too. The V8 will be gone from the M3 so does the chance to compete with Audi and MB. I’m sure if the series comes to the US, other makers will follow. I think Cadillac and possibly Ford with either Jaguar or alone, and possibly Aston Martin too.
    BMW will have no engine to meet the requirements, which calls for NA V8 engines. All other do, but BMW will not have a single engine that would be able to go into the 3 series.
    a 6 cylinder Turbo is not a NA V8 so its out !  Even the M5 will not be able to enter as that car has a Turbo engine.

    Unless they change the rules to favor a smaller Turbo or supercharged engines, BMW’s DTM venture will be a short lived one.
    Too bad, as the car looks great and the DTM races are always entertaining and exciting to watch them.

    • Empower says:

      Do you think a company that turns over 65 billion dollars would be so short sighted . Any the next m3 is not due for about 3 years. So this car would hace about 3 years on track with the v8. I think BMW had a look at the rule book. They helped write it for gods sake

      • Gyro says:

        like you said, A Company that turns over 65 billion dollars (I question that personally).
        You ever think they may know something you don’t ?

    • Bobbmwfan says:

      LOL, they are coming back to the DTM because the rules are changing.

  2. What about amount of power? Any information? HP? Nm? Speed from 0 to 62mph?

  3. Tom says:

    Put some creature comforts into it and call it a BMW supercar.

  4. I am very happy to read your article.  You know why I am happy because you have
    discussed about BMW 335d. It
    is my dream.  Every person thinks about  BMW 335d it,
    but it is not possible to purchase it.

    • WhayGoDiesel says:

      I have a 335i and to tell the truth, I test drove a 335d and while the power was obviously there, I planned on modifications, and in that area, the D is lacking. I added a JB4 Tuner Chip, intake filers, downpipes and an intercooler and my 335i now can do roughly 185 mph and 0-60 in 4.3.  I am glad I didn’t get the D now. Just something to consider.

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