Video: BMW 1 M Coupe Wows Jeremy Clarkson

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Ironically, in the same weekend BMWBLOG’s founder Horatiu is in Munich to pick up his 1M Coupe, season 17 of Top Gear debuted on the …

Ironically, in the same weekend BMWBLOG’s founder Horatiu is in Munich to pick up his 1M Coupe, season 17 of Top Gear debuted on the BBC with, wouldn’t you know it, a review of a Valencia Orange BMW 1M Coupe!

At the outset of the review, I was concerned about hearing Clarkson pan yet another BMW, something he’s prone to do. However, there was no disdain, no negatives – only elation. Early on, Clarkson compares the 1M Coupe to the iconic Volkswagen GTI Mk I, no small statement considering the legacy of the GTI as a game-changer upon its debut. So far, the 1M has received quite a bit of positive press and reviews and, according to Mr. Clarkson’s review, those remarks are entirely appropriate.

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The 1M Coupe has been described as ” an M3 Competition Package squeezed into a 1 Series body.” With a description like that, the 1M Coupe sounds like a deal too good to pass on considering its pricing point is nearly $10,000 below the base M3 with only 80 more ponies under the hood. If you’re seeking further affirmation of how incredible the littlest M car is, be sure to check out the second half of the Top Gear review where the orange Bavarian is pitted against a certain green car from Stuttgart and a certain blue mid-engined car from UK – the results may just shock you – it certainly did the incredulous, boisterous Mr. Clarkson!

Once the 1 M Coupe tours the Top Gear test track – the time it posts might give you a huge surprise!

The action starts around the 2:15 mark!

(Note – the feeds from YouTube may be unreliable as episodes have been getting taken down, we’ll try to continue to source higher quality versions of the show)

28 responses to “Video: BMW 1 M Coupe Wows Jeremy Clarkson”

  1. Thanks Andrew! And great shot of H’s 1M! 

  2. David_murati says:

    if i may say hammond may is jealous and doesnt like the m1 because the m1 smoked the Porsche which has a crush on, he is a hater of the m1 

  3. Tom says:


  4. Ahmad Haziq says:

    I honestly have never seen Jeremy being thrilled like that when driving a BMW since the E90 M3. And with almost no drawback apart from the Navigation screen and the comfort, he seems to be liking everything with that car. I’d guess he’d be yet as thrilled when the F10 M5 gets onto his hands!

    • Rfg says:

      in all honestly i dont think Jeremy will like the F10 M5 at all…I’m guessing during the episode in which it will be featured Jeremy will start by talking about the ridiculously fast 0-60 and other technical feats etc, and then progress into negativity with the fake exhaust sound coming out of the car’s speakers.

  5. wazon8 says:

    Great score for 1M!

  6. Rafaelfontoura says:

    come on BBC. Show again!

  7. Tom Cardone says:

    video copyright… boo! i wanted to see this !!

    • Tom Cardone says:

      scratch that.. it works now :) suchhh a sick video. i cannot wait until the F10 M5 reviews… BMW is headed in such a great direction…

  8. empower says:

    it was the best top gear every. They had so many bmw group vechicels. they even had they logo on the womens slead 

  9. Gnuman05 says:

    It’s rare to see a near perfect review from Jeremy…Balance Made Wondrous(BMW).

  10. Bustnheadsdaily says:

    Is it just me or is the front bumber look damaged.

  11. Yumad says:

    I think Hammond was just jelly that his beetle got made to look like a bitch

  12. Daniel Perez says:

    Nice! BMW really knows how to bring out a quality M car…I can’t even begin to image that M5.

  13. Reddressgirl says:

    Still slower than a boxster spyder

  14. X5SoB says:

    Okay, so I guess I like Jeremy Clarkson again. This is a video that BMW TV should buy from BBC in its entirety. Some of the best footage of the 1M I’ve ever seen! You can tell Clarkson is regretting buying an AMG…

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