Rumormill: New BMW 1 and 2 Series, M2, Z2, FWD vehicles

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Yet again the restless BMW insider Scott27 comes to disrupt the BMW news world. As always, take some of the following predictions/speculations with a big grain of salt, since at the moment, confirming them would require turning into James Bond and sneaking into BMW’s HQ.

So what’s new from the usual BMW source? A lot, if all these rumors become true: 1 Series FWD, 2 Series, M2, Z2 and some other cryptic future BMW models. Let’s have a look and try to filter through these rumors. (The insiders’ words have been slightly edited to eliminate grammar mistakes)

The new Premium Compact Class.

In order to make room for the new family of Front wheel Drive BMW’s. BMW are now locked in to separate its core compact premium family.

8f2d80c7 655x463BMW 1er Front Wheel Drive Family

  • City Compact
  • F.A.S.T. Family Activity Sports Tourer
  • Gran Turismo
  • BMW Z2

Sharing architecture with the next MINI , the BMW entry models retain the 1er designation but will be identified by unique badging. BMW’s first foray into the highly contested Premium City segment will comprise of unique concepts with a sporty edge. The wheels may be front driven or in the case of the FAST, optional xDrive, but the mission statement remains the same to offer a unique sporting impression even though the rules have been changed.

The Z2 now becomes part of the FWD architecture and will comprise of a single model Roadster, the car is extremely compact and will offer a entry choice for a sporty BMW.

BMWBLOG: Nothing new here really. We heard about the niche 1er vehicles, along with the 1 GT (Compact Activity Tourer) and Z2. While the BMW insider says that the 1er Gran Turismo and Z2 will be FWD, our own sources state the contrary. The two vehicles have been developed along the new 1 Series family and the rear-wheel drive platform, and at launch time in 2013, the BMW core driving platform remains embedded within the two niche cars.

BMW 1 Series sDrive

  • Sporthatch 5dr
  • Sporthatch 3dr

The imminent new Sporthatch continues its success story in a much more rounded successor. Especially focusing on the increase of the wheelbase for rear passenger accommodation. Launched with a significant number of features for a new BMW, the new 1er justifies its cause in regards to the importance for the upcoming growth of the Premium Compact Segment; allowing luxury options normally found in high end Premium luxury cars available in the compact class.

The new 1er Sporthatch also heralds the introduction of next generation “Efficient Dynamics” technologies in order for the 1er to remain the principle choice as the most fuel efficient car in its segment.

BMWBLOG: Same news we reported several times. The new F20 1 Series Hatchback will be unveiled next month and we let some info slip in our past articles.

BMW 2 Series

  • Coupe
  • Cabrio

In order to seperate the Performance and sportier body shape of the Coupe and Cabrio, BMW will rename the cars as the 2er, bypassing the need for overcrowding with the new Sporthatch / FWD Family. The 2er showcases some new design movement with further progressive sporting interpretation of the hatch; to some the new car looks more 2002 like than before. The Cabrio model will continue offering a soft-top roof and clean design lines without compromising looks and performance.

Both will be launched in 2013 respectively.

BMWBLOG: Here comes the info confirmed by us before anyone else. Yes, there will be a 2 Series family and the Coupe and Convertible from the new 1 Series will move up in class.


Since it is given that the baby 1er M Coupe should really have followed through and be called M1 in relation to the rest of the M cars, the inclusion of M2 allows the M Division to bypass that dilemma and offer a straight choice of M2. Following on from the exceptional response to the new 1er M Coupe, the new car allows more money and time and the ability to progress. Although the 1er M Coupe showcases what is possible in a tight time frame, BMW will work to emulate the current car by making sure that weight loss is significant a benefactor because it looks to its forebears with the inclusion of a high performance four cylinder turbo charged engine.

The problem with the current car is it’s short window in regards to further progress, there are ideas but not the money nor the time to do so. This is something that will be rectified with the next generation as the regards to bring a successor “That will push the envelope” for small performance cars.

BMWBLOG: BMW M2? Sure, a logical step since the 2 Series family will come to life, BUT… a little bit to early to make any assumptions. A possible M2 won’t be revealed until 2014-2015, so the naming convention, or even the greenlight for such model are years down the road.

Under Consideration:

BMW 2er Gran Coupe
Extended four door Coupe of the 2er Coupe with sleek design and sporting coupe roofline. Intended for sDrive family albeit with optional xDrive.

BMW 1er Touring / Shooting Brake
Lifestyle choice, configured in either 3dr or 5dr Intended to be designated as a sDrive model albeit with optional xDrive.

BMWBLOG: Huge speculations here and in our opinion, very small to none chances.

[Source: GCF ]