Spy Photo: BMW X3 M Spotted?

Featured Posts | May 24th, 2011 by 15
BMWX3M spyshot 750x457

First rumor around a possible BMW X3 M surfaced back in 2010, and today, we might be looking at the first spy photo showing the third M-SAV during a test trial.

According to CarMagazine UK quoting a BMW source, the new BMW X3 M is set for launch in 2012. The new M-SAV is rumored to feature a new type of turbocharged engine, with a hint towards tri-turbo setup.
CAR Magazine understands the all-new X3 M will be powered by a tweaked variant of the new M3 straight six which will power the next-generation BMW M3. Provisionally rated at 449 hp, the high-performance straight six may even feature three turbochargers (one electric, plus a pair of exhaust-gas driven ones) and a slightly bigger displacement (3.2 instead of 3.0 liters).

BMWX3M spyshot 655x363

To add even more fuel to the fire, CAR says that all current and future X-models will be available with the full M division treatment. A statement that us at BMWBLOG considers to be a bit too adventurous.

As we mentioned in a previous article, our sources say that the go-ahead decision for an X3M model will be solely based on the success of the new mid-compact premium SAV and the response from its customers. The market demands and integration could also affect this decision, same as it did with the X5M and X6M models. The new X3 sales have been strong and will become a high-volume car for BMW.

Expect to see more spy photos in the near future!