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Spy Photos | May 17th, 2011 by 12
2012 Alpina B6 4 750x500

The next generation BMW 6 Series Coupe will launch this fall, and ALPINA is already working on their own version of the 6er. The new ALPINA B6 is built on the 6 Series Coupe chassis and would receive the usual premium treatment. The Buchloe-based automaker currently has a B6 S model based on the previous generation E63 650i and powered by a 4.4 liter V8 engine that it is neither a turbocharger nor a compressor, instead boost comes from a so-called ‘radial compressor’ which one may visualize as a combination of both. The horsepower output is 530.

The engine was matted to an automatic transmission with ALPINA SWITCH-TRONIC and the B6 S would run to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds.

The 2012 ALPINA B6 would feature the typical aero package, with a restyled front and rear M bumper, along with larger air vents and a wider body that could resemble the M6 version. The usual ALPINA trademarked design cues will remain, from the 20-21″ inch wheels, dual round tail pipes, to the manually crafted interior and ALPINA emblems.

2012 Alpina B6 4 655x489

Following BMW’s steps in cost savings, the 2012 B6 will inherit the engine found in the B5 model, a 4.4 liter V8 engine, but with upgraded power that will take it past the 507 horsepower mark. Pricing will be set accordingly, so expect the MSRP to start above 100,000 euros. To avoid competition with the upcoming M6, the ALPINA B6 remains an European only model and the US market will continue to only enjoy the B7 flagship.

2012 Alpina B6 1 655x876

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12 responses to “Spy Photos: New ALPINA B6”

  1. La Ma says:

    not sure if I understand this. Doesn’t the B6 competes with the M6 in every market it enters ? Its a same for every tuners car !  They do modify things just like the //M guys. This is market monopoly for the //M guys. They know they would loose to the Alpina if they let them here.
    Traditionally the US is a large market for M cars and BMW wants to keep it all by themselves.  Not fair, Alpina which most likely controlled by BMW //M should be able to compete and be a player.
    So far the Z8 Alpina and a few B7’s entered the US market legally. All popular and good.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Actually, the don’t just tune cars, they take the platform from BMW in an
      early stage and build their own car really. So yes, in the US, it could
      compete against the M6, up to a point and confuse the buyers. or even with
      the 650i with M Sport.

      Alpina is actually an independent company that works close with BMW.

      • La Ma says:

        NOT ANYMORE. the Alpina cars are not much more then simply tuned cars. Used to be a total rebuild, now its not.  Interior and exterior barely changes, a few spoiler add-ons, etc.
        Same engines same transmissions, etc.  Back in the days of the great Alpina’s the engine was totally reworked, special transmission, complete body kit, custom interior, etc. Now I see them as an //M individual.
        I think the last super Alpina was the 500HP supercharged B7 which was replaced with the new B7 which uses a same engine with a software update, a slight mods to the cooling and also makes 500HP. Sure its nice, but Dinan can do that too.
        As far as Alpina independent – to a point. I think BMW purchased stocks and/or interest in them and they are controlled by BMW pretty strongly. No US presence unless BMW approves.
        If Alpina is so independent how could they miss out on the largest market ?  The cars would sell like crazy and BMW would be selling a lot of cars to Alpina at a low price point, instead of charging a premium for a ho-hum //M models in the US.
        The Euro //M models with individual options are much more unique and although carry a hefty premium as new, worth more  on the market later.  Have you ever seen a E36 M3 price in the US and in EU ? They already had SMG and 321HP… while the dumb-down US model had 243HP and a 15 y/o 5spd transmission.
        It got better since then, but no individual options, you got a list of options with a few colors and go for it… cough up the close to 100 large and be happy. US market might be massive but BMW and the //M still treats it as dumb-down market.
        I was in UK not long ago, and saw a 520d with an //M body kit, sport package and 19″ wheels. awesome.  Try and order a 528 with an //M body kit in the US.  Nope, its a short list of what you can do with BMW. Prices are less but there is a reason for that.

        • Horatiu says:

           ALPINA execs and owner kept telling us that they are independent but have a very close relationship with BMWs, essentially sharing technology and knowledge both ways. I once asked if BMW owns any shares in Alpina and the answer was Nein. 

          They would miss out on the largest market because bringing the cars to the US and selling them at our pricing is actually not profitable for them. On the B7, they say the profit is very very small. Plus, they wouldn’t be able to bring them here without having a contract with BMW for selling them and service. So BMW most likely dictates the terms and what cars to be brought here. 

  2. Tom Cardone says:

     hope the dont use those headlights for the final product..

  3. Bryce says:

     I thought the traditional distinction between the M Division and Alpina is that the M division is primarily focused on performance upgrades with a couple of design changes thrown in for distinction, whereas Alpina is primarily focused on design upgrades with a couple of performance changes thrown in.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      And you’re correct, but that’s a distinction us, the enthusiasts, can make.
      Alpina still does suspension upgrades, and many other things, look at the
      B7, it’s a total different car than the 7.

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