M-Power Conversion: 1972 BMW CSL Lightweight

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1972 BMW 30 CSL E9 Golf Yellow Coupe S38 Conversion For Sale Rear resize

BMW fans and owners are known for their interesting and unique bimmer conversions, and this last one, makes no exception. Terry Sayther Automotive listed on eBay a 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL in the stunning Golf Yellow paint.

This Lightweight version of the 3.0CS was built for homologation for racing in the German Touring Car Championship series and only about 170 of the early non-injected CSL’s were produced. Lighter weight was achieved through the use of thinner body panels, aluminum trunk lid, hood and doors, fiberglass rear bumper, deleted front bumper and plastic rear windows.

1972 BMW 30 CSL E9 Golf Yellow Coupe S38 Conversion For Sale Front resize

Unique to the CSL are Scheel racing seats, no power steering, no AC or heater, no sound deadening, the infamous bat wing (currently not installed, but in storage), front air dam, chrome fender lip extensions, air guide above the rear window, black rubber air guides on the front fenders, hood pins, black headliner, and fixed rear windows.

1972 BMW 30 CSL E9 Golf Yellow Coupe S38 Conversion For Sale Interior resize

The car came to them with an incorrect engine, which was removed and replaced with a twin cam 4-valve Motorsport 3.5l S38 and close ratio 5 speed from a nEuro M635CSi. Radiator and other cooling system components are new. The car currently has large swaybars, Bilstein shocks/struts, Split Second MAF conversion, and Alpina staggered wheels (8×16″ & 7×16″) with new Sumitomo HTR series tires.

The current bid on eBay is around $35,000.

5 responses to “M-Power Conversion: 1972 BMW CSL Lightweight”

  1. La Ma says:

    Ditch that horrible ugly rear glass spoiler. Otherwise it looks awesome.
    An another thing – Sumitomo HTR tires ? Those are cheap crap tires. I bought one set a few years ago as they were on sale and I thought it would work out ok for me. Nope, wear on them was horrible, less then 8k miles and they were toast, yet the grip was never there. Constant whine over 80mph and felt like riding on bubble gum. Sumitomo’s newer tires are better but still years behind the brand names in technology and quality.

  2. Jamespoconnor says:

    can anybody tell me where to get seats for a 1972 630csl

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