Return of the M3 CSL? Or is it the M3 EVO?

Rumors | April 27th, 2011 by 0
BMW M3 GTS Sedan 31 750x500

On April 1st, BMW previewed a new M3 model based on the current generation E90 M3 sedan. The M3 “Lightweight” is set to debut in June at the Nurburgring M Festival. Initial information released by BMW were vague, and at the time, we learned that the M3 Sedan Lightweight will be making extensive use of carbon fiber and other lightweight parts that will reduce the overall weight of the car.

BMW also revealed that the power output will be between the “regular” M3 and the M3 GTS, so somewhere between 420 and 450 horsepower.

But one important aspect that was left off is the naming convention. Just a week ago, we reported on some information coming from German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport that labeled the M3 Sedan as M3 GTS Sedan. BMW currently offers an M3 GTS, the lightweight Coupe that is available in Europe.

BMW M3 GTS Sedan 31 655x427The usual suspect Scott27 comes forward to shed some light on the naming convention of the new M3 “Lightweight”. According to the insider, BMW has no plans to label the M3 sedan as CSL or GTS, but rather use previous naming convention. In a recent interview, BMWNA M brand manager, Matt Russell, hinted that we might not see the M3 GTS Sedan badge on the car.

So what will it be? The choices are limited as far as the M3 labels go. In BMW’s history, the company used other naming conventions for the popular sporty car, M3 EVO, M3 GTR or more recently, M3 GT4.

Out of the bunch, our bet goes on the EVO badge. The car will be officially unveiled in June.

[Source: Scott27 GCF ]

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