AutoBild: BMW 1M vs. Porsche Cayman R

BMW 1M | April 23rd, 2011 by 14

Car and Driver was the first magazine to compare the new BMW 1M against some of its potential competitors. Today, a new review emerges from Germany where popular magazine AutoBild placed the 1M against what it is considered in Europe, its main competitor: Porsche Cayman R. Looking from a price point, the comparison is somewhat uneven, the Cayman R is about 40 percent more expensive than the 1M, a factor that seems to decisively weight in 1M’s favor.

With 330 horsepower, the Cayman R offers marginally less power than the 1M (340 hp), but to overcome the power difference, it weighs less: 1,408 kgs vs 1,536 for 1M. The mid-engine placement helps the Porsche sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 4.8 seconds, slightly slower than the 1M and its 4.6 seconds. But the Porsche makes up the difference and more from 0 to 124 mph: 16.4 seconds vs. 17.8 seconds for 1M.

Porsche Cayman R is 1M’s toughest opponent. The car sports bucket seats, loops for closing the doors and no air conditioning or radio, keeping the weight very low.

AutoBild notes that the Cayman is noisy, tuned very hard and offers almost no comfort. The 1 Series M is the clear winner here since for daily driving, it offers more comfort, despite its sporty ride.

Contidrom laptimes show that the Porsche is the more consistent athlete 1:34,21 vs 1:35,76 minutes for 1 Series M Coupe. In comparison, the BMW M3 E92 reports a time of 1:35,41 minutes. The same M3 with DCT was lapped at 1:35,11.

We are looking forward to other comparisons.

[Source: AutoBild via BimmerToday ]