Rendering and Rumors: 2013 BMW X5

Rumors | April 18th, 2011 by 24

Next generation BMW X5 is due out in 2013. The F40 platform is rumored to feature a modular design, a common trend in future BMWs, …

Next generation BMW X5 is due out in 2013. The F40 platform is rumored to feature a modular design, a common trend in future BMWs, that allows the company to achieve significant savings across its lineup.

Design wise, the new 2013 BMW X5 is said to feature more flowing character lines and sculpted surfaces that will broaden the design of the X family. At the front end, the new X5 will feature a more imposing kidney grille, larger and wider than in the current model. The headlights will get the LED treatment and the shape will follow the design seen on some of the recently unveiled models.

X5 655x320

Rendering by AutoBild

The taillights will be slightly redesigned as well. Using the layering concept seen on the Vision concepts, the T-shaped taillights add more depth to surfaces and are less wrapped around the body.

On the side, the character line is being enhanced, as we have seen on the new X3 as well. Expect to see more convex/concave shapes with 3D layering enhancing its masculine look. It is unknown at the moment if the dimensions of the new X5 will be increased, the current X5 can already accommodate 7 passengers if needed.

According to sources, the new X5 will feature for the first time the ActiveHybrid technology with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder diesel engine. The internal combustion engine is aided by a 15 kilowatt electric motor that ads another 17 horsepower on top of the 204 already delivered by the diesel power unit. Furthermore, the new X5 Hybrid is said to use two parallel vehicle electrical systems, a conventional 12 volt system supplied by the AGM starter battery and an additional 120 volt system that’s supplied by a generator and lithium-ion battery pack located in the luggage compartment. Rather than a conventional engine-driven generator, a compact generator is integrated in the aluminum crankcase housing. The high-power electronic system is flange-mounted directly onto the gearbox for a more compact design. Brake Energy Regeneration helps recharging the battery.

With a launch scheduled for 2013, we expect the first prototypes to hit the road at the end of this year.

24 responses to “Rendering and Rumors: 2013 BMW X5”

  1. Justinspelman says:

    What is that pure fiction. This blog will post anything for views.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      And here comes another “fan”

      Have a look around at what we post, like unique content and editorials and then let’s talk about views.

      It’s a rendering and rumors, some might come true, some will not. The hybrid part, for sure. The design, no one knows it exactly, so you will see lots of renderings based on small info the magazines received.

  2. La Ma says:

    Being here in SC Greenville, living 8 miles from the plant and spending extra amount of time at the Performance Center, plus using the same freight forwarder as BMW I see a lot of stuff they ship/make/design etc. I can tell you, it will NOT look like this but close. The X3 is a basic point of this rendering and this is not a real prototype, nor it is a built clay model.
    A real prototype chassis was already built and shipped to Germany. It was in a crate and it was secured, so I could not get a peek. Would have been though ! :-)

    I had a chance to see a 3GT chassis though !!! Looks the same as the 5GT, horrible. No need for these models. I hope BMW drops it and sticks with the wagon.
    but – who cares ? We’ll see when its time. A friend of mine who had been working on new production setup in Greer, got transferred to Germany, to work on prototypes. He could not tell much, knowing that I spend a lot of time on boards, internet, etc. but he told me some real mind buggering things are planned at the BMW Center.
    No, not for 2013 and not even for 2015. What he is working on will see daylight around 2020 or so. He told me 5-7 years min. of developing time will be needed.
    He was excited about it and he is a real true hardcore fanatic. He drives an E36 M3 with a euro engine and 6 spd manual !!! He is not the typical X5 diesel commuter BMW engineer.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      Thanks for your input, great info!

      I truly hope so the 3GT will not look like 5GT, hopefully BMW put some creativity into it.

    • E72guy says:

      @ La Ma….NO ONE from plant spartanburg works on projects that far out. Only kirscher would know those kinds of things. ALL methods engineers and new model associates from plant spartanburg work only two to three years ahead. ONLY German engineers and designers at the FIZ work on projects that far out. Even engineers that re-locate only go for one-two years. as an associate that has traveled to the FIZ to build prototypes, i know these things to be true

  3. Giom says:

    @ La Ma; “Looks the same as the 5GT, horrible. No need for these models.”

    No need…?! But they sell them to ppl they knew wants them – enough ppl to warrent the investment and then some. Just because you don’t personally like this car or niche segment, doesn’t mean BMW must stop making money.

    This is one thing that most BMW fans just don’t get. I’m sure all of you feel flattered when a model is released that you really like – thinking, wow, they build this car only for me, because I voiced my opinions on blogs and they listened.

    Thats a little narrow minded and an attitude I wish could change among the BMW hardcore fans. Give everybody their place in the sun and accept the fact that there are many many different tastes out there.

    • Girish41 says:

      @Giom- Most pathetic post… The fact that a BMW owner feels the car was made for them, by their input… is what makes the experience of ownership sublime. Which other brand can boast of that?
      If you want your place in the sun, and cannot accept honest criticism of the GT, then go buy the bulbous american crap buddy ;)

    • Dean says:

      Giom, you’re correct.  I don’t like this styling personally – it looks like a cross between a Suburu Forester and a Crysler PT Cruiser.  I can’t stand “retro” styling – if I want something old, I will not buy it new – , but there’s a lot of people who do, so let BMW sell what people want to buy.  It just makes my 2001 X5 look all that much better in comparision. 

      If they sell a billion of these things, it’s foolish for folks to opine about what they judge other people need. 

  4. Giom says:

    About the rendering, it represents a future XM model, and it does look sweet! I’m excited about the idea of even more sculpted detail. Hopefully, the new X5 will look even better than the X1! But, what ever they are doing with the X5, carry on, it’s design is always spot on!

  5. pimeto says:

    Oh god, i beg you – please, lets this not be the design of the new X5! Please!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I find it beautifull, really a true men car as we love them from BMW. Will be tough choosing between X6, X5 and future X4 in 2013. Still hope at least one of them will get a new Plug In Hybrid drive train with >50KWH of fast chargeable battery, and a solid Range Extender, available not later than in 2013, so I can stay with BMW when replacing my beloved 535DA that could not last more than another 1 to 2 years from now…
    Please hurry up beloved BMW !

  7. viper says:

    withe the ugly new trend that bmw is building throughout its entire lineup expect to see rather radical and yet extremely ugly new x5 and probably without the M badge. because its unnecessary as they will say.

    same story will go with the x6 , and of course both main rivals of bmw will have their own versions , so boring.

    bmw stopped at being the best long time ago. in fact they were never the best in every class but always at the top , now the design is killing them and lack of segments also.

  8. R He says:

    This looks more like an X3 M variant than anything that could be called a new X5. The dimensions just look too compact for an X5.

  9. In the UK, we need to see Run Flat tyres replaced with normal ones, like they did for the X1. Unfortunately, our roads are too harsh & covered with too many pot holes to be able to enjoy a decent ride on run flat tyres.

  10. Baba23355 says:

    This photo I from German magazine Automotorsport. It is for X3. Not X5. Way to sall for 5. No room for 3rd row.

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