Fifth Gear drives the new BMW X3

BMW X3 | April 10th, 2011 by 7
BMW 2011 X3 750x500

“Doesn’t feel premium and special” or “poor man’s X5”, “dashboard is boring”. These are just some of the “adjectives” given to the new X3 by the Fifth Gear team. But once they get their hands around the wheel, their thoughts changed: “not a looker, but it’s a great driver.”

While we don’t entirely agree with some of their initial comments, it is always fascinating to hear the reviews of journalists that have a chance to drive a wide range of vehicles.

The engine and ZF transmission get a praise as well: “that 2 liter diesel and the 8-speed automatic are a creamy combination.” But let’s have a look.

BMW 2011 X3 655x436