New Study: Women buy 38.5% of new cars in the U.S.

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A new study by automotive industry analyst Polk says that 38.5 percent of all new vehicle registrations in the United States are attributed to women. That’s up 2.5 percent compared to 2006. The number of women buying new vehicles in the U.S. has been on a rising path in the past four years.

So what brands are the women demographic buying in the United States? At the top, we have Toyota with 15.7%, followed by Honda (14%), Ford (10%), Chevrolet (8.9%) and Nissan (8.8.%). But here is the interesting twist. Looking at it from a different perspective, the top five brands based on women’s share of the brand sales places MINI at the top.

Nearly half of the MINI sold vehicles in the United States (47.9%) goes to women. Kia, Honda, Nissan and Subaru follow closely.

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Photo by CarscoopUnfortunately the study does not reveal the main reasons why women have chosen these brands, nor the nearly 50 percent share of MINI sales, but we can assume that females are attracted to the MINI vehicles based on brand image, pleasing chic design and reliability.

Based on our polls in the past, on a small sample of BMW owners, women are more inclined to purchase 3 Series vehicles and the popular X5 SAV.

Top Five Brands based on Passenger Vehicle Sales to Women
Brand / Share of Women Market

  • Toyota  15.7% (Represents 15.7 of every 100 sales to women is a Toyota)
  • Honda  14.0%
  • Ford  10.0%
  • Chevrolet  8.9%
  • Nissan  8.8%

Top Five Brands based on Women’s Share of Brand Sales

  • Mini  47.9%  (Represents 47.9 of every 100 Minis sold are registered to women)
  • KIA  46.8%
  • Honda  46.0%
  • Nissan  45.5%
  • Subaru  45.0%

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MINI Owner: Sara Jean Underwood, Playmate of the Year 2007

[Source: Polk ]