IND-Distribution returns with a new project. The Chicago-based company has been one of our favorite moders and tuners for quite some time now, and their BMW projects have been highly praised by many customers and automotive magazines.

Their latest venture revolves around another of one our favorite cars, BMW M3 E90 sedan. IND-Distribution worked with their customers to achieve the ideal M3. Here is the story as told by the company:

“Chris, the owner of this near-perfect E90 M3 had a very specific plan. To create his ideal vision of an M3, Chris knew that he did not want to deviate too far from BMW M’s original plan. Chris’ appreciation of BMW’s work is exactly what allowed him to create such a balanced M3.

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Chris used a combination of factory optional parts and key modifications to create his vision. We supplied Chris with a Challenge front lip and BMW ZCP rear spoiler and painted both pieces to match the car for a subtle appearance. Chris also added a Brembo 380mm GT kit to give his M3 the stopping power it needs for track use, and an Eisenmann Sport exhaust for a perfect “factory-plus” tone.

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This month, Chris took the plunge and added the final piece to finish his M3. Chris shipped his car to IND for an ESS VT1 install, and having driven the car I can say that there is no better combination. The perfect, smooth power delivery of the VT1 kit combined with the mellow tone of Eisenmann’s Sport exhaust truly makes for a car that could have been built right at BMW’s factory. From the driver’s seat, stack gauges are the only tell-tale sign that the car has been modified.”

[Source: IND-Style via TeamSpeed ]