Rumor: Lightweight BMW M coming to Tokyo Auto Show

Rumors | March 22nd, 2011 by 4
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The situation in Japan is dramatic and there is no sign that things will improve in the near term, but this year’s motor show remains …

The situation in Japan is dramatic and there is no sign that things will improve in the near term, but this year’s motor show remains on track at the moment.

Due to open its doors in early December, the Tokyo Auto Show will also mark the return of BMW brand after its 2009 departure. According to the same restless source, Scott27, BMW might return with a bang. The company is said to reveal a BMW M model that will showcase the lightweight concept. This aligns with the information revealed by Dr. Kay Segler in a recent interview for BMWBLOG:

“We are currently looking into something called “bespoke idea”, where we feature maybe a material technology. I cannot tell you more; let’s see where we end with it. In case this gets interesting, we might see this particular car within the next 12 months. Not to make a business case here, but just to tell that you can do some new things with materials.”

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BMW 1 Series tii featured here

The rummormil churns out that the lightweight M car will show the possibilities of how BMW M can progress in relation to a full lightweight concept in bodyshell and chassis in the future. The key idea is Motorsport, but the car will offer insight into future application for a road car.

Material innovation is the underlying aspect and along with aluminum carbon fiber and thermo-plastic materials, the lightweight M will explore the ideas of lightweight materials even further.

Same source says “it is more of an “Engineering , Material Technology and Performance showcase” than a visual one. It wont make production though, it is purely an idea lab. In a way similar to the 1 Series tii revealed at Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. It is not the new BMW 1M.”

As always, take the rumors with a grain of salt, but if the Tokyo show takes places, we’re excited to see what BMW M has in store for us.

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4 responses to “Rumor: Lightweight BMW M coming to Tokyo Auto Show”

  1. I’m getting excited over the possibility of a US bound M3 CSL. Thanks for the info.

  2. Alex Litchfield says:

    The “Bespoke” idea refers to a custom livery, wherein individual customers are allowed to design their own custom car using combinations of BMW parts which do not already exist as a model. Ferrari offered “Bespoke” Ferraris which were custom for each customer. Google: “Bespoke Ferrari” for more information. The price is very high on these cars, but the possibilities are infinite. Think in terms of someone wanting the twinturbo V8 in the 3 series, and BMW making it for them. It fits the concept of BMW’s “individual” cars, but on a whole other level.

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