In the last few years, BMW has been opening up their doors more and more to the general public. With every new model launched, BMW has begun bringing forward the designers and engineers behind the project, and allowing them to explain in detail their rewarding work.

It all started in the Bangle times where the charismatic designer took the stage to present and sometimes even defend some of the new designs. The ex-chief designer, along with key people in each project, took us behind the scene of the designing process and introduced us into a fascinating world.

As years passed, BMW opened up even more and the latest Vision ConnectedDrive Concept takes us deeper behind the scenes than ever. From designers to engineers and product managers, the Vision ConnectedDrive Concept team describes in detail the design process of this new exciting concept.

BMW VisionCD 33 655x436

Those of you interested in industrial or car design will find the videos below to be quite interesting.