BMW Group launches a new Facebook application and a contest around car design. According to BMW, trend researchers have found that many young customers would like to personalize their cars. One way to do, is decorating the car with foils.

To test the relevance, BMW launches a pilot project called “BMW EDIZIONE” in Italy. A facebook app allows fans of the BMW Italy brand page ( to vote for a variety of foil designs created by young BMW designers.

If the pilot becomes a success, it’s planned to roll out this customization option globally.

As one of the top 10 brands on Facebook in Italy, this innovative approach in car design lets BMW customers decide on which products to design for the first time.

The winning design will be produced as a limited “BMW EDIZIONE” for BMW Used Cars in Italy, including the foil and further components especially for young target groups (e.g. a navigation system and a black grill). The “Youth Formula” makes the offer even more attractive for young customers, because the younger you are – the less you pay. (20yrs=2.0% financing, 21yrs=2,1%financing, …).

To vote on the foil designs, visit BMW Italy Facebook page.