E60 BMW M5 wrapped up in black Carbon Fiber

BMW M5 | January 31st, 2011 by 6
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Autojunk.nl spotted the current generation BMW M5 with an unique….paint job. The M5 in question had its entire body wrapped up in black carbon fiber. In the past we have seen similar M5s sporting either matte paint jobs or vinyl wraps, but this is the first time we see a BMW with a carbon fiber “paint job”.

The M5 was spotted in Rotterdam, Netherlands and beside the unusual color, the car also featured a loud Eisenmann exhaust, blacked out kidney grille and beautiful black BBS wheels. For special effects, the owner threw in an M stripe placed across the hood.

The current generation BMW M5 is soon to be replaced by the upcoming F10 M5, a vehicle that is just weeks away from its official unveiling. The new M5 goes on sale in 2012 and it is rumored to be the most technologically advanced M vehicle built to date.

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In the mean time, the E60 M5 remains a looker and the V10 V8 natural aspirated engine will make us miss it even more.

[Photos by Perry Vredenberg ]

6 responses to “E60 BMW M5 wrapped up in black Carbon Fiber”

  1. Edox says:

    Don’t you mean V10 naturally aspirated engine?

  2. Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

    I like that M stripe on the bonnet…

  3. Jonas says:

    This M5 also has blue flashing lights behind the grill. (with a working siren if I remember correctly)

  4. Jonas, the lights are xenon strobes without any blue tint/hue/etc.. Quit making things up just because it sounds right.

  5. viper says:

    super boring video , nice car btw.

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