7 Series Stolen From BMW At Detroit Auto Show

News | January 13th, 2011 by 15

WXYZ reports that a 7 Series belonging to BMW of North America have been stolen in Detroit during the opening days.  Detroit Police are searching for a BMW after it was stolen near the Westin Book Cadillac.

The 7 Series, as other BMWs, were used to haul around executives and important figures within the BMW world, and it has New Jersey plates and is dark gray in color. According to WXYZ, it was stolen along Michigan Avenue, across the street from the luxury hotel.

For this year’s auto show, the automaker has brought nineteen official cars to be used during the auto show.

“The cars were being loaded into a car carrier to head back to New Jersey Wednesday night. Police say a hotel valet brought the BMW out of the garage and handed it over to the transporter. However, the handler stepped away for a second and witnesses say that’s when two car thieves jumped in and took off.” – WXYZ


Luckily the 7er comes equipped with BMW Assist and its GPS tracking device, so police believe they will eventually locate it.

[Source: WXYZ via Jalopnik ]