BMW X1 delayed until Fall 2011

BMW X1 | January 12th, 2011 by 5
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From the Detroit Auto Show floor, Car and Driver reports that the launch of the BMW X1 in United States will be delayed until Fall 2011. Late last year we learned that the decision on whether to bring the X1 to the US was still up in the air, so these news come with no surprise.

With the recent launch of the new X3, BMW has been aggressively marketing the premium compact SAV and an X1 offering could create a confusion among the buyers. The X1 initial rollout was planned for Spring-Summer of this year.

BMW X1 is produced at the Leipzig plant in Germany and within the last twelve months, the sales have increased substantially and demand remains strong.

So how long will we wait for the X1? Car and Driver quotes BMW Communication Manager Tom Plucinsky: ““Until fall of ’11 at the absolute earliest”.

P9005445221 655x436The X1 continues to remain on schedule for the Canadian market with a Spring rollout and an appearance at the upcoming Montreal Auto Show.

[Source: C&D ]