Breaking: BMW 528i to get a four-cylinder turbo and xDrive in the U.S.

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Word came down the pipe that BMW is looking to replace their 3.0 liter natural aspirated engine in the F10 BMW 528i with a four-cylinder …

Word came down the pipe that BMW is looking to replace their 3.0 liter natural aspirated engine in the F10 BMW 528i with a four-cylinder turbocharged powerplant. The exchange is rumored to take place this summer when the new 528i will also be available in the United States with the xDrive option.

These news come shortly after today’s report by Automobile Magazine that BMW Z4 sDrive30i will receive the four-cylinder engine and change its naming convention in the North American market.

According to our sources, the 528i with xDrive was delayed due to the addition of the four-cylinder turbo.

If indeed BMW goes down the route of “28i” models powered by four-cylinder units, then we expect the next generation 3 Series and its 328i model to feature the same or a new four-cylinder engine. The move is somewhat expected, especially since BMW’s premium competitor Mercedes-Benz is introducing more four-cylinder powerplants in their US line-up.

4 cylinder petrol engine2 655x247We are looking to confirm these information with other sources and we’ll update you as we learn more.

16 responses to “Breaking: BMW 528i to get a four-cylinder turbo and xDrive in the U.S.”

  1. Tom says:

    While I like the option of a 4-cylinder, I don’t like that it is replacing a naturally aspirated engine. How about a turbo diesel 4-cylinder in the 3 series?

  2. T says:

    Once the three comes on stream you will see this engine filter down to the small , medium cars such as the X1 and Z4 and then in the mid level such as the 5er and X3. It’s first application will be in the new BMW 1er Sporthatch which breaks cover after Geneva in late April , early May.

    You are officially in the last death throes of the NA engine series for BMW.

  3. Kinky Hoffmeister says:

    Is this the death of BMW? BMW have been doing 3.0 I6’s for years, and EXTREMELY well which is why I love BMW. It’s sad to say all the things that made the BMW brand attractive to me are slowly fading away.
    If I live till 90, I’ll be telling my grandchildren ”back when I was your age, there was fine motor company from Bavaria who perfected the art of crafting the engine of perfection – the I6 engine , and they will be there with their four cylinder turbo’d audi TT’s and a4’s not knowing what they have missed

    • Laszlo says:

      BMW is as much as famous about their inline six as their 4cyl engines. Their building in Germany is a 4cylinder building.
      The I6 is famous but honestly not for the future. I have had only 2 or 3 of them and I was not impressed with them and they will clearly not be enough for the future.
      The future is smaller engines with turbo’s.
      I have the BMW v8 engines in 2 of my cars and love them. I also have their 6cyl in two of them and they are ok but the problems with the newer ones are too much.
      about your grand children, I think they will see the 3 and 2 cyl engines and electric engines, hardly ever 6 or 8 cyl.

    • bunker says:

      I’m already telling my kids this story. It will hit home when they’re riding in my new S4.

      • wazon8 says:

        It was always a shame that uneducated parents transmit false informations to their children. Need pure inline4 perfection, just take a look at M3 e30. BTW, what engine does BMW use in WTTC? Inline 6? Perhaps in some possible scenerio.

    • wazon8 says:

      Uhmm, you surely need to read sometging about history of BMW! What was the engine in M3 e30? Was it Inline6? I don’t think so. Please, don’t expouse yourself on ridiculity. BMW was pioneering in making inline4 as well as inline6. And the last thing, M3 e30 is nothing like A4 or TT.

  4. Kinky Hoffmeister says:

    lol that’s very true, but about the BMW headquaters, I thought that was supposed to be 4 valves in a cylinder head?

  5. T says:

    Yes or otherwise it would be known as the 4 valve per cylinder building instead of the 4 cylinder building. ;)

  6. Kinky Hoffmeister says:

    You’ve misunderstood me, I have NOTHING wrong with 4 cylinder engines, I just don’t like it when they get turbo’d. I also never said an e30 m3 is anything like an a4 or TT. DO NOT twist my words :) And don’t bother saying to me that ‘ohhh how can you hate the 4 cylinder turbo when BMW put one in the 2002 turbo’ because I know they did and I know it was great, but i’m talking about modern cars here. I find it amazing how someone can be so deeply offended!
    I have a reason to dislike four cylinder BMW engines anyway. I once owned an e46 with the notoriously infamous N42 engine. I had to get the whole head overhauled :) It’s a common fault as well, but I still love BMW just as much, as I know this engine wasn’t one of BMW’s best as it was developed in conjunction with rover engineers

  7. X5SoB says:

    Wow you guys need to take a chill pill. Anyway, you have to remember this article starts with the word: RUMOR. I think it’s good for BMW to keep it’s options open, not become hidebound. Sure, the I6 is a truly great engine, but BMW is quite capable of producing truly great I3,I4, turbo, electric, hybrid, even hydrogen engines. Their research and development capability has never been better, and it does us little good to second guess them.

  8. Doug says:

    Anyone know the specs for this engine? Is this an existing engine?

    One would assume it will be 2.0L with a twin-scroll turbo, giving 200hp. The lower weight and low-end “turbo torque” would make up the performance difference.

    But will the 335 also go 4-bang, with the tweaks they used for the IS/1M engine? Twin-turbo?

  9. ralph says:

    reminds me of the trans am ,camaro when they used smaller engines in the 80’s and how the two names started to fade away…but i trust bmw that there engines output stay the same ,and i know they will not remove the 35i from there cars

  10. yournextsource says:

    This is 100% true. It was announced to upper management at the ride and drive event in south carolina for the new X3.

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