Former BMW Rahal Letterman driver, Tommy Milner, had a chance to visit the BMW M facility in Garching, Germany. Along with a ride aboard the new BMW 1M Coupe, Milner also spent some time behind the wheel of another exciting M vehicle, the new-exclusive M3 GTS.

Courtesy of, we have a few behind the scenes information and photos.

Do you have a special relationship with the BMW M3 if you won the team and manufacturers’ title of the American ALMS series last season in 2010?

Tommy Milner besucht BMW M GmbH Garching 04

It’s certainly very likely. And this is just what is suggested by the look which Tommy Milner gave the BMW M GmbH’s sportiest automobile in 2010 – even though this is still just a miniature model.

Tommy Milner besucht BMW M GmbH Garching 02

Tommy’s sporting success brought him to Germany, accompanied by his dad. But before the celebrations took place they paid a brief visit to BMW M. In fact this is almost becoming a tradition – the two of them came to Garching together last year as well. As they toured the workshops Tommy gave lots of autographs.

… and took a look at various BMWs here and there being built at the time.

Tommy was especially fascinated by the BMW M3 GTS – now life-size, so to speak – which was undergoing construction in various sections of BMW M’s manufacture:

Before addressing the question of whether it was possible to actually have a drive in a BMW M3 GTS – there was deep snow on the ground outside – Tommy’s attention was attracted by something else coloured white which quickened his heartbeat even further (and not only Tommy’s, as we now know):

A sight around which it would be nice to build a garage …

Tommy got BMW M Head of Development Albert Biermann to explain the details of the latest M automobile.
Incidentally, as on-site observers we constantly come to the conclusion that whichever of the three available paint finishes you see the BMW 1 Series M Coupé in “in natura”, you always have the impression that that particular colour is the one it looks best in. So depending on your point of view, this means either that people will be spoilt for choice when it comes to ordering – or else you simply can’t go wrong anyway (except perhaps spend too long thinking about it).

Tommy Milner will have to wait a while for a ride in the BMW 1 Series M Coupé, but he certainly wasn’t going to miss out on a ride in the BMW M3 GTS.

When you see the white splendour of the snow in the background, you quickly realise why the sportiest BMW M3 has different wheels mounted for the road.

Tommy Milner, here with M3 GTS Project Manager Reinhold Otten, was not put off by it at all. He turned out to be extremely taken with the M3’s agility.

Those whose BMW M3 GTS is currently construction can count themselves lucky (this M automobile has long been sold out). The rest of us ought to not to spend too much time wondering which colour we would like to order the BMW 1 Series M Coupé in…