BMW 7 Series placement in latest Kylie Minogue video

7 Series | January 6th, 2011 by 10
kylie minogue bmw

Either Kylie Minogue has a thing for bimmers or the marketing department at BMW is operating at full speed these days. Second time this year, Miss Minogue features some of the newest BMWs in her videos.

Back in August, we saw the a small fleet of 3 Series models surrounding her in another video, but in her last video, she moves up a few classes by featuring a couple 7 Series vehicle.

Interesting enough, the 7er gets just as much as screen time as Minogue or her song partner R&B star Taio Cruz.

We are predicting a strong comeback for BMW in the marketing arena in 2011, especially around Hollywood flicks and famous stars.

kylie minogue bmw