BMWBLOG wishes you a Happy 2011!

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Here in North America, we are just hours away from the New Year, in some other parts of the world, some of you are already celebrating 2011, so we would like to take a moment to wish you a happy and prosperous 2011. We hope all of your dreams and wishes will come true in the new year and we will certainly be here tomorrow to welcome you into the year.

For us, 2010 was an extraordinary year, twelve months where we spent every day delivering the best and most comprehensive BMW news. We worked around the clock, here in the US, but also in Germany ( and Romania ( to bring the BMW news to your doorsteps.

In 2010, we delivered over 2,100 articles, some shorter, others longer and comprehensive; our readers left nearly 21,000 comments, creating a strong community around us and an eco-system around the brand. With over 30 million pages delivered this year, BMWBLOG established itself as an important automotive media outlet, not just in the BMW world, but among other automotive outlets as well.

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Beside many other accomplishments, we have attended all the major auto shows, both European and North American, several international car launches, ALMS races, interviewed some of the key people at BMW, even covered competitor’s cars by creating unique photo and specs comparisons, and many other things that we can’t even remember at this moment. We will outline some of our best articles in just a few minutes.

As we promised last year as well, in 2011 we will be pushing the envelope even more, we will bring new content, unique and delivered in many different ways. Detroit Auto Show is our first milestone and we promise you one of the best coverages.

And as a first surprise, we are starting the new year tomorrow with our Shawn Molnar going live on Drive Chicago and NY Morning radio with Paul Brian, Director of Communications Chicago Auto Show, to talk about winter tires and their importance.

In the coming year we expect so many news from Munich, Garching, Oxford and Goodwood and as usual we will report on all major developments.

Thank you again from the BMWBLOG team and we look forward to hearing from you in 2011!