Don’t leave your car and let it run with the gear on!

Videos | December 29th, 2010 by 30
bmw snow driver

One of the current trending videos on Youtube involves a BMW driver and a 1 Series hatchback. The rear-wheel drive vehicle, most likely not equipped …

One of the current trending videos on Youtube involves a BMW driver and a 1 Series hatchback. The rear-wheel drive vehicle, most likely not equipped with winter tires, is having a hard time traveling through snow.

The driver is looking for different ways to get car rolling, but unfortunately, chooses the wrong possible option ever: leaving the car running, in gear while stepping out and trying to push it forward.

The outcome? Not so pleasant for the car and driver and certainly a lesson to be learned here.

And no, the 1 Series is still a rear-wheel drive….

P.S. Any anti-feminist comments will be deleted. This is not about the gender…

bmw snow driver

30 responses to “Don’t leave your car and let it run with the gear on!”

  1. Malcolm says:

    Looks like from her attempting to clear snow away from the front wheels she is part of the 80% of 1-series owners that think it is front-wheel-drive. LOL!

  2. Heddlu_Cymru M5 says:

    That is why these cars are much safer and easier to be driven with winter tyres fitted. Worrying too much about lazyness and the price of the winter tyres, ended up with damages that cost a lot more than the tyres itself… And I’ll say this again, whenever you’re out of your car do not leave it in gear!

  3. jj says:

    My 5 GT has a safety feature that disables the car to move in gear when the door is open. LOL, why 1 series don’t.

  4. Martin says:

    I like how even the title of that video is about the gender but “this” is not…

  5. bimgville says:

    What were they doing recording all this and not going out to help her?

  6. jgs says:

    “Any anti-feminist comments will be deleted.”

    Posting a video named “BMW + Snow + Woman = Epic Fail” is anti-feminist enough.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      And that’s exactly why we said no anti-feminist comments. We don’t control the name of the video, but least we can do is warn the readers.

    • Doug says:

      “anti-feminist” … wouldn’t that mean it was against pro-female sentiment, and not so much a sentiment against females? maybe that’s semantic.

      When BMW gets its self-driving car feature into production, it will be interesting to see the female reaction to a “get out and push” verbal instruction from the car.

  7. jgs says:

    (Don’t get me wrong I was entertained by the video, but the girl next to me was not feeling so well about it hehe.)

  8. ToyYoda says:

    What I often find helpful if I’m in that situation, is to clear the snow from my rear wheels, reverse, then move forward. The extra ‘runup time’ from reversing usually gives the car enough momentum to go over the snow ‘hump’.

  9. ToyYoda says:

    Aside from her bad mistake, even more insane than that, is the road looks worse than her parking spot. So what makes her think she’ll even get anywhere once her car is free?

  10. Zack Brak says:

    Edited for anti-feminist comments.

    Zack, please refrain from using derogatory comments towards women, I already mentioned that in the article. We allow a lot of things on here, but we try to be civilized.

  11. Actually I myself didn’t know that you’re not supposed to not let the car run with the gear on. However I live in So Cal and it doesn’t snow here ever so that’s my excuse. The majority of drivers don’t know how to drive when it rains let alone when it snows.

  12. Tom says:

    First off, if the car is having that much trouble just getting going it she probably shouldn’t be driving until the conditions improve anyway. Second, turn off DSC when you get stuck in the snow (and turn it back on once you get moving).

  13. viper says:

    this weeks old stuff , this blog is still in november

  14. how can you not make comments about the driver’s gender? i’m sure this kind of winter adventure happens five times more often to women than dumb men, but this is a greater subject worthy of it’s own story. it’s like winter vs summer tires only this time (not first, not last, but every time) it’s man vs woman. and remember, we were here first!

  15. bimmerlover says:

    um i dont drive, but am just generally interested. why does the car move? if you leave a car idling and in gear, does it move?? just want to know, can anyone help?

  16. N54 Driver says:

    Actually, it says less about women than about 80% of BMW drivers. Present company excluded, of course.

  17. Doug says:

    The problem isn’t with girly silliness, but with the driver education. Not everyone knows the mechanics of cars and the physics of driving. Germany and Finland would be examples to follow for teaching people to drive in adverse conditions.

    I think it’s finland… maybe sweden. top gear did a story on their training, which was quite thorough in this area.

  18. Wontae Cho says:

    The guy that was filming this, is probably laughing at the women. Could have offered to help… What a J**K

  19. Gord says:

    So maybe BMW is right when they say most 1 series owner think their car is front wheel drive.

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