Kelley Blue Book: BMW and Subaru Have Best Resale Value

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BMW and Subaru are the 2011 model-year winners of the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards. The awards are based on the residual value …

BMW and Subaru are the 2011 model-year winners of the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards. The awards are based on the residual value of the car after five years of ownership. According to KBB, the average vehicle, regardless of brand, is expected to retain only about 34 percent of its original value after five years.

Subaru leads with a 39 percent of its original value, followed by BMW with 37.1 percent.

According to Kelley Blue Book’s editors, this year’s race was very close, with last year’s winners, Toyota and Lexus, barely missing the podium. “Subaru and BMW just nosed them out,” said James Bell, executive market analyst for KBB.

bmw 5 grille7

“One of the reasons Subaru has done well and just squeaked by Toyota this year is the fact that they’ve got a nice balance between supply and demand,” Mr. Bell said. “Their dealers are clamoring for more product because they know they can sell more. But the flip side of that is that they are able to sell the product that they do have at or near full M.S.R.P., and that has a huge factor in resale value as well.”

Mr. Bell also points out that the vehicle’s resale value is also based on current and projected future market conditions. He also points out vehicles that best maintain their value are those that are never heavily discounted.

In the individual rankings, BMW X5 SAV takes the lead in the Luxury Utility category, along with the X5 diesel in the Hybrid/Alternative Energy Utility. MINI Cooper also wins in the Compact segment.

Winners by vehicle category with the best resale value are:

• Honda Fit (subcompact)
• Mini Cooper (compact)
• Honda Accord (midsize)
• Ford Taurus (full-size)
• Lexus IS (near-luxury)
• Audi A5 (luxury)
• Subaru Impreza WRX (sports car)
• Ford Mustang GT (high-performance)
• Volkswagen Golf TDI (hybrid/alternative energy)
• Honda CR-V (compact utility vehicle)
• Toyota FJ Cruiser (midsize utility)
• GMC Acadia (full-size utility)
• BMW X5 (luxury utility)
• BMW X5 XDrive 35d ()
• Toyota Tacoma (midsize pickup)
• Ford F-Series Super Duty (full-size pickup)
• Toyota Sienna (van)
• Subaru Outback (wagon)

[Source: KBB via NYT ]

31 responses to “Kelley Blue Book: BMW and Subaru Have Best Resale Value”

  1. Computer says:

    Hey, that’s great. BMW takes a good job.

  2. bob says:

    In unrelated news, CONSUMER REPORTS’ annual reliability guide place BMW 23rd out of 27 makers…ahead of only Dodge, MINI, Audi, and Chrysler.

    The M3 was/is the *only* BMW Group product to score above average. 135i, the company’s worst.

    See: ROUNDEL, December 2010, p. 25.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      Wow, That recent turbo recall hit the brand very hard

      • Babken says:

        Those recalls testify to BMW making unreliable cars.

        • Daniel Hoang says:

          And what brand has never had a recall. Consumer reports rated several benz models even lower than bmw. Get yourself an old volvo or honda accord if you want care-free matinence

          • Babken says:

            Compare the number of vehicles recalled, and you’ll see how unreliable and useless BMW cars are. Like one of users said before:
            BMW= Big Money Waste.

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            May I remind you BMW has its ups and downs. Dont forget Benz had some really horrible cars not to long ago. Benz gets Recalled just as much, especially this year.

          • FreudeKing says:

            This is not about recalls here. This is about whether there’s supply and demand for these cars after 5 years. And just to put it more clearly to you:

            Merc is no where to be found. This means that more people want a aged BMW than an aged Merc. This is due to their poor quality that is apparent after 5 years of ownership. In fact, Merc has never won ANY reliability surveys/awards. BMW 3 Series is the most reliable car in the UK. BMW X3 is the most reliable SUV in Europe. Most other BMWs lead their respective segments ito reliability.

            The fact is that many people demand 5 year old BMWs and people don’t want Merc’s as they know anything that’s 5 years and up with a star badge will burn holes in their pockets, besides the fact that they look like they are from decades ago after just 5 years and the fact that the extensive interior black plastics have probably melted. Furthermore, this also says that people get rid of their Mercs during this period as their cars tend to give lots of trouble and ownership experience is further impaired.

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            Mercedes isnt that bad. My aunt had her 1994 600sel since new and its her daily commute car. LA can degrade your car with all that smog and sun. Its 200k ish miles and it looks and drives new. Any car, whether abmw or benz will last if you take care of it. If there are problems, take it to professional mechanic you trust because dealerships love money.

          • bob says:

            Packard? :-)

        • Ed says:

          Ok, my guess is that Babken can’t afford a BMW so he spends every free moment he has coming to a BMW-biased website to express his contempt. Babken, we get it, you’re still driving around in your 190E (2.3 4 cylinder model) and you’re angry at driving a “never was” type of car. Yeah, the E30 outperformed it in, well, every category and you’re still pissed that you did all that overtime at McDonald’s so you could buy that 190E – and for what? So that people remind you constantly that the 325i was a better car in every aspect? I can understand the hurt and the anger but now go away, the adults are talking.

    • Jag says:

      no wonder, CR has never favored BMW

    • JMLBMW says:

      I agree with you Bob… the 135i looses 50% of it’s value in the first year! Not to mention that it has a multitude of problems… starting with the N54 engine! There have been at least 4 open recalls on the cars already for tail lights… seat belts… fuel pumps… turbo waste gates… and a multitude of other problems ranging from poor tire wear to satellite radio malfunctions!

  3. JMLBMW says:

    I for one and extremely disappointed with the 135i… as this is my 4th BMW since 2001. I have been very satisfied until now. The 135i has poor quality parts which fail within the 1st year of ownership! (I have had a 325ci… an M3… and a Z4 M Coupe) The first 3 were great cars… particularly the Z4 M Coupe!

    I hope that the N55 engine is far better then the N54… also the entire sound system was replaced with the H.K. set up… which should have been used in the first place!

  4. JMLBMW says:

    … one more thing… I tried to trade my 2010 135i Coupe in and was offered by several BMW dealers… LESS THEN HALF… of the MSRP after one year! So this article very skewed and doesn’t mention the fact that the 135i has the worst resale value of any BMW…

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      Sell it on Craiges list. Most buyers who buy badges dont know that info so you can even make a profit out of the 135i since its still new.

    • FreudeKing says:

      It’s probably only that dealer who is trying to rip you off.

      • JMLBMW says:

        I wish that were the case… but I was in the business for over 10 years and I know whole-salers who told me the same story about this car. It’s a lemon… at least the 2010 model is and the N54 engine is not a great engine as claimed by BMW! I certainly hope that the 1M N54 based engine is much better or there will be a lot of unhappy BMW enthusiasts!

  5. Babken says:

    All I can say I’m glad I’m switching to Mercedes-Benz.

    • plaxico says:

      hey Babken two weeks from now will u be walking the same walk and talking the same talk or……i dont understand whats going on.

      Benz for good?

    • FreudeKing says:

      I thought you said you’ve always had your E Class from 2001 and that it beats the E39, which is the reason why you will be supporting currently 2nd place Merc (which is hanging on to be the no.1 loser behind BMW for dear life as Audi is about to kick it down to third).

      • wazon8 says:

        Exactly, “constitenscy” means nothing for this guy. But that’s what happens when people talk a lot about things they don’t have. One can simply forget what one lies before. At least, it’s much easier than forgetting what car one does drive everyday. :D

    • JMLBMW says:

      Babken… Mercedes Benz has it’s own set of problems… i.e. RESALE… especially with the over 100K models… CL’s just to name one. Not to mention that there are more then a few mechanical problems with MBs. Plus… all the models have this wobble (side to side) motion when you hit a bump! Not the best handling cars!

  6. There must be a wide variation in models as the 2006 Z4 (purchased in Aug 2006) we have with less than 25K miles is worth less than 25% of its value when purchased. In the past I have not been impressed with BMW 2nd hand values as they were less than an Infiniti FX 35 we had and an MB E500 in terms of depreciation percentage after 4 to 5 years.

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