Updated: Exclusively brought to you by SkiddMark and BMWBLOG are the first real life photos of the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe, or short, 1M.

Here are some of the key points outlined by our own Hugo  Becker in his “The Newest M” editorial.

The press release notes that the newest M has been in development for two years (for the US market it means as soon as the 1er went on sale here, BMW was planning the 1 Series M). The chassis, compared to the 135i, is 77 pounds lighter, has a wider track (front & rear) and is just a tick longer. The car also foregoes the nominal sunroof for a 35 pound weight saving. The roof is all steel (no carbon fiber). Of course losing 35 pounds at the peak height of the car is a good thing.

BMW 1M 5 655x436

BMW has chosen to highlight the driving dynamics of the 1 Series M and tout that it has a “chassis faster than its engine”. And given that the 1 Series M engine has has its horsepower bumped just about 10% above
the 135i, maybe they need to sell that line hard. Regardless of the modified N54, whose numbers echo the Z4 sDrive 35is, the extensive use of M3 aluminum suspension bits will have a major impact on feel (and unsprung weight!). BMW has thankfully retained the hydraulically assisted power steering rack for the 1 Series M.

For more info on the 1M, please follow our BMW 1 Series M Coupe section.

Update: New photos from Autocar

[Source: SkiddMark and Andy Mulholland of Red Square Media ]