Rumor: BMW 1 Series M Coupe GTS/CSL in 2012?

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Rumor of the day is brought to you by Jon Sibal and it involves a rumored 1 Series M Coupe GTS/CSL style coming out sometimes …

Rumor of the day is brought to you by Jon Sibal and it involves a rumored 1 Series M Coupe GTS/CSL style coming out sometimes in 2012. A source close to Sibal mentioned that BMW is hosting inside talks around a Performance Program for the 1M.

JS: Will the new Performance Program be handled by the M Division or would that be a separate division on its own?

BMW source: When the car was being conceived we sat down and discussed what could be done to extend the appeal of the car. Dr Segler came from MINI so we thought about MINI-ising the 1M in terms of what is available for the enthusiast in terms of scope. The ideas were put forward but the budget made this impossible for this generation. But what we have will be carried over to the next generation because there will be more time and more money to do so.

special edition bmw 1m coupe by jonsibal d343yk9 655x491JS: Is there a possibility of a “CSL” type version of the E82 1M Coupe at the end of its life cycle?

BMW source: Anything is possible, we have ideas and the creativity to expand. In the end it all comes down to the reception of the car. 1M is more personal than any other M car. It has to be more upfront with the customer because it is developed entirely for the customer who want something pure.
As it stands E82 production will be online till summer 2012, 1M will finish around the Spring. We have Cabrio production lasting till late 2012 in which they have produced a Cabrio model. We have a Cabrio unofficially. Reaction to the Coupe will determine the Cabrio’s existence as will the GTS/CSL type car.

As always, we take these rumors with a grain of salt, but we certainly agree that the success of the 1M will dictate future variants of the entry-level M.

Some of you might remember the M3 CSL, a very low production, one-off model based on the E46 M3 and using its 333 horsepower engine as basis. The CSL stands for Coupe Sport Light and as the name suggests, it came with a lot of carbon fiber parts. CSL came with a lighter carbon fiber roof and interior paneling, light seats and the buyers had the option to opt-out the radio and air conditioning unit. BMW built the car i only two colors: Silver Gray and Sapphire Black.

BMW made a limited run, less than 1,400 units of the M3 CSL (E46) vehicles between June and December 2003. Unfortunately for those of us in the U.S., due to the short production cycle and the complications and expense of clearing DOT and EPA standards for the North American market, BMW never brought the CSL to the United States.

To somehow satisfy the U.S. consumers’ needs to upgrade their M3, some parts from it were later made available on the regular M3 as part of an optional Competition Package.

We can only hope that a lightweight 1M would come to the market in the future, either based on the current bodystyle or the upcoming 1 Series redesign in 2012-2013. In the mean time, we look forward to the Detroit Auto Show debut of the 2012 1 Series M Coupe.

[Source: Jon Sibal ]