MotorTrend: “The M3 is as suave as George Clooney in a Brioni tux”

BMW M3 | December 3rd, 2010 by 6
2009 BMW m3 front three quarters static driver

MotorTrend parts ways with their 2009 BMW M3, but the review of the super sporty sedan is nothing short of spectacular. Here is an excerpt from the long-term review:

“Our M3 was a sedate and luxurious sedan as well as a supremely rewarding driving machine. Docile in inclement weather and smooth enough to transport your grandparents (if you can resist temptation), the M3 was equally primed for backcountry road-smash mode, where it would fire every synapse in your brain related to driving pleasure.

And then you’d find the M Drive button, which holds your preferred throttle, traction, and damping settings. With one press, everything somehow managed to get better. This is the M3’s genius.

2009 BMW m3 front three quarters static driver 655x409

There are faster cars, yes, and there are a few that are more rewarding to drive. But of those, we challenge you to find one that combines speed, thrill, and daily driving duties as deftly as the M3.

“But there must’ve been something they didn’t like!” you might be yelling. Well, fuel mileage was a bit of a bummer. The farthest our M3 traveled on a tank was 288.9 miles, and our observed 15.6 mpg is worse than that of our long-term Nissan GT-R. But when you’re charging north of 5000 rpm every day, it’s hard not to expect such a result.”

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