Our long-time sponsors and friends over at IND Distribution are sharing with us some details around their next project.

“As I’ve said time and time again, IND’s best asset are our amazing clients. Every day we have the privalage of encountering some of the most unique and driven people in the United States and internationally, and it is with the help of these individuals that we are able to build our Portfolio Projects.

This newest Portfolio Project is no exception. The owner of the car is a true car enthusiast and appreciates not only European sports cars, but also their Japanese rivals. We have decided to embrace his enthusiasm for sports cars of every origin and are working to create an M3 that reflects this.

Mart 2 655x436

IND is cooperating with the best manufacturers in Japan, and are importing some absolutely unique parts for the car. We have also worked with the best from Norway, ESS tuning, to give the car the power it needs to compete with it’s rivals from Europe and Japan. Our first step, however, was to visit the fabricators at Fall Line Motorsports in our home city of Chicago to create a roll bar that is truly world-class. Here are the results: