Ferrari 430 Scuderia and a BMW M6 impounded after 200km/h speeding

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ferrari canada

So what happens when you speed way over the legal speed limit? Nothing other than having your car taken away. Two Canadians tried this on …

So what happens when you speed way over the legal speed limit? Nothing other than having your car taken away. Two Canadians tried this on their own by taking their 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia and an ’08 BMW M6 to 200 km/h, roughly 126 mph, all done on a 60 km/h speed zone.

Not only the speeding couple went over the limit, but they were also driving recklessly and almost hit a mother who was walking with two children.

From here to having their car impounded was just a step away. To make an example out of them, the provincial government is taking things a step further. Both vehicles are going to be sold. In fact, the Ferrari has already moved on to a new home and the M6 is set to hit the auction block in the very near future.

ferrari canada

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According to Autoblog, quoting Cnews, the Ferrari is owned in part by a relative of the person driving at the time. That relative will receive 50 percent of the proceeds from the sale, while the other owner receives 30 percent. The government is going to hold on to the rest. The owner of the M6 also receives 30 percent but the government keeps the other 70.

The reason for this post? As much as we love fast cars and fast BMWs, we do not condone reckless driving and we wanted to show what the repercussions could be, and we call these mild repercussions.

13 responses to “Ferrari 430 Scuderia and a BMW M6 impounded after 200km/h speeding”

  1. Doug says:

    who hasn’t driven their cars at 120mph +?

    i’m not saying i’ve done this or would ever condone such a thing but… y’know.

    • Doug says:

      it honestly sounds like canada is making up a law to make an example out of them. You can be arrested, but there are only specific circumstances where you can actually take someone’s car away, one of them being DUI.

  2. Laszlo says:

    I think this is illegal and downright stupid. Give them a fine and prison if you must but taking a car and selling it ? What is this ? Communism ? This is as dumb as it comes.
    I agree that the 2 needs more then a fine but a 90-120 days jail time would have been enough for these 2 idiots.

    Having 2 awesome car and enough money does not make a person smart. They should have joined a car club of their makers and participate in the driving events. More fun and safer on the track.

    I go 4-5 times a year and I pay my duties and have the fun. On the street I’m a slow and careful driver. If I have the rush I know where to go to get it out of my system.

  3. Shincai says:

    If you wanna go fast go to GERMANY!!!

    • Doug says:

      actually… come to think of it, canada has some of the most beautiful, amazing driving roads. It would be painfully difficult not to push it if you were in a capable car.

  4. Doug, I have NEVER driven my car over 120mph, the fastest I have gone is 80mph and to be honest I am already scared at 80mph and I drive a Benz. The faster you go the more likely you are to lose control of the car and if you do, the chances of a fatal accident are bigger. I am super scared/paranoid of dying in a car accident so I don’t go that fast.

    I think those drivers SHOULD be punished because they endangered the lives of others; not just their own. I would not want to be on the road with another car driving like that.

  5. Stevie says:

    Car can be used as a lethal weapon as it is in gun. If it is used in a designed area, then you are fine, but if it is used in a way that violates the law, justice system has every right to take it away. Think about it, it’s the same analogy as you possess a fire arm and point it at people without firing, you still violate the law. At least they sell it and return “some” of them money back to the owner and they should be thankful for that already. 200kph at 60 zone is very dangerous. Always be slow than be sorry

  6. Gord says:

    Yes they should be punished severly, but I don’t think their cars should be seized by the government like that, IMO that just leads to corruption.

    Maybe if the government gave him the money made from the auction then I would be okay with it, but even then I would just prefer they revoke his license and ask the owner to sell it or give it to a relative etc.

  7. Auday says:

    Hey Guys, being from Vancouver I thought I should give some extra clarification here. They were driving up Mount Seymour which is a narrow 2 way road that zigzags up the mountain. There is little room for cars going up and cars coming down,
    plus there are lots of cyclists and joggers along the road. and therefore very little room for error. Simple mistake by the driver, by the upcoming cars, by one of the cyclists, or even an animal jumping in front, would lead to cars and bodies flying off the mountain.
    What they were doing is not simple speeding, it’s putting lifes of others in a very high probability risk of fatal injuries. If someone gets killed then the cost of a Ferrari means nothing compared to the life lost and the grief of the family.

  8. Mfunf says:

    Incredible.. Very easy to take a challenge and race another car into triple digit speeds on the road. I have M5 and cant count the amount of times i’ve had other cars pull by me to race on the road once they see the quad exhaust and stance of my car.. It never fails.. most of them smaller sub 300hp cars i can easily destroy in 3rd gear but i show self restraint because my car really starts to wake up 100+ mph so but i dont want to kill anyone on the highway or go to jail.. 125pmh is a walk in the park for these cars.. they go 190 mph easy

    I sometimes have fun once in a while on open highway.. def not on 37mph road with 37mph limits (60kmph is 37mph) You cannot extract proper speeds from cars like the f430 and m6 on public roads without getting into trouble.. impounding cars and selling them is kind of harsh.. but then again, they could have killed the woman and kids.. just WoW..

  9. Wooo hoo. says:

    Illegal racing is reckless perios.

    Hopefully the State Siezes the vehicles and auctions them.

    No regard or consideration for anyone else around them.

    They deserve whatever they get.

  10. Wooo hoo. says:

    Illegal racing is reckless period.

  11. Edallmighty says:

    what a wus…80pmh is too much…thats why you drive a mercedes and not a bmw

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