Japanese tuner Studie AG reveals their latest project: “F07 Safari”. Based on the BMW 5 Series GT, the “F07 Safari” sports an interesting paint, matte green, specific to a vehicle seen in safari expeditions.

Studie AG unveiled the car at the 2010 BMW Familie event and along with the unique paint, an aftermarket treatment has been applied as well. They installed a front half bumper cover from AC Schnitzer, slightly modified to add a pair of LED driving lights to keep it unique.

The wheels are AC Schnitzer Type IV wheels measuring 19×8.5 in the front with a +15 offset, and 19×9.5 in the rear with a +21.5 offset. The car also features a new vented hood via a row of louvers on each side.

F07 Safari 20 655x439

On top of the matte green paint, white graphics have been applied, branding the car with the F07/Safari title.

Photos courtesy of Jon Sibal and Studie AG.