Any all-wheel drive system equipped with wrong tires can be very ineffective and not perform at its designed potential. Modern AWD systems are extremely efficient and provide intelligent power distribution in just fractions of a second for maximum traction in any road conditions. But many drivers disregard the importance of riding on winter tires even when their car features a quattro or xDrive system.

The technology works at its full potential where there is full patch contact with the road and appropriate tires can provide these benefits.

To illustrate the difference between winter and summer tires on an xDrive equipped vehicle, BMW created a video showcasing the new X3 going through different road scenarios with both type of tires.

BMW X3 F25 xDrive Winterreifen vs Sommerreifen Vergleich 02 655x435

The result can be seen below….

[Source: BMW via BimmerToday ]