Car and Driver 2011 10 Best winners announced – BMWs amongst them

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bmw m3 3 series

Car and Driver magazine published their 2011 10 Best Winners charts and BMW Group made the tops with different models. In the 2011 10Best Foreign …

Car and Driver magazine published their 2011 10 Best Winners charts and BMW Group made the tops with different models.

In the 2011 10Best Foreign Cars We Want, the BMW M3 GTS gets a much deserved nomination.

“One of our favorite cars, this M3 has less weight, more power (up to 444 horses from 414), and a fully adjustable suspension. The only thing not to like is its $180,000 sticker.”

One of our favorite bimmers, the 1 Series is being nominated in the 2011 10Best Manuals.

“Why not the 3-series? Are we off our meds? Well, the 1 has slightly shorter throws. Plus, its well-placed pedals make it a great car in which to teach someone how to properly execute heel-and-toe downshifts.”

BMW M3 GTS Wallpaper 292 655x436Part of BMW Group, Rolls-Royce makes the Top 10 for 10Best Design Details with its Power-Reserve Gauges.

“Some companies give you an mpg gauge. Those are for ninnies; we’d much rather know how much reserve grunt we’ve got for dusting chumps. It doesn’t hurt that the R-R gauges reside in some of the most beautiful clusters extant.”

Rolls Royce Phantom 4 655x491

Last, but certainly not least, our all-time favorite, the BMW M3 Coupe is being named in the 2011 10Best Cars. Labeled as “The Secret Recipe”, the M3 takes its usual spot among the best of the best cars year after year.


“This year marks the 3-series’ 20th consecutive 10Best win, a feat unmatched by any other vehicle on the market. We won’t call the 3-series perfect, but you know how there’s always one old lady at the bake sale whose recipe everybody wants? The 3-series is that car. The chassis balance is exquisite, with handling that encourages risky behavior but a ride that you wouldn’t feel bad subjecting your grandma to. The fluid steering weights up just right, the brake pedal bypasses the soles of your shoes and goes straight to your brain, and the manual transmission—should you be wise enough to specify it—boasts a shifter that knows its way effortlessly from gear to gear. Plus, all the 3-series’ goodness is available in coupe, convertible, sedan, and even station-wagon forms. Engine choices are a silky inline-six; powerful, turbocharged inline-sixes; and the M3’s screaming, 8400-rpm V-8. The 3-series is rear-drive dynamics perfected, or, for those in colder climes, all-wheel drive is available. The four-wheeler gets a little heavier and amends the 3’s near-perfect weight distribution, but the rest of its virtues remain. Other drawbacks? Only a few. The clutch needs more weight to better convey its takeup, and no matter the configuration, the 3-series is seriously expensive. But there’s a reason people will pay so much more for that one lady’s cookies. ”

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