A CNBC report states that more women are under the age of thirty are leasing luxury cars, and among them, BMW stands out with their Joy marketing campaign.

BMW’s Joy campaign is targeting women and it has been very successful, says Kelly McDonald from McDonald Marketing. “Women want to have a great look, not just clothing, a great haircut, makeup, handbag, and the car is just part of their look.

Furthermore, a luxury car, BMW included, is considered an accessory, an expensive one, but much desired.

“The car is part of my look says one young female driver”.
BMW scent card

The driver behind these numbers is the increased annual compensation for young professional women and with BMW’s pricing staying competitive against its competitors, the choice becomes easier.

“I believe BMW has done an outstanding job of effectively targeting young women. Their leasing payments are right where they need to be, they have a great product and their ads seem to hit right home with the women. The price matches the right product”, says Kelly McDonald from McDonald Marketing praising BMW’s Joy effort.

The report omits to state what BMW series has the most young women as customers, but our guess towards the 3 Series models.